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Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical UniversitVinnitsa National Medical University

City: Vinnitsa

Year of  Foundation: 1921

Title: State

Accreditation: IV

Document of completion: State Diploma

Qualification levels: Master, Bachelor, Specialist

The university was founded in 1921. In 1960, the institution was named after NI Pirogov, in 1984 it was awarded the Order of the university “Badge of Honor”. Since 1994, Vinnitsa Medical Institute certified and accredited by the IV level of accreditation, granted him the status of the University. National status University received in 2002, the same year awarded by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The university is held 15-20 academic conferences, congresses and symposia each year.
The university`s teachers have academic degrees and titles. Almost teachers are doctors of sciences, professors. Students are taught to 100 doctors and 424 candidates of science. There are 6 Honored Scientist of Ukraine , 4 Honoured Workers of Higher Education and Education of Ukraine , 2 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine , 12 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine , 6 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine , laureate of the State Prize of Belarus.

Over the last 13 years the Vinnitsa National Medical University organized dental and pharmaceutical faculties, started training for five new professions

In the training process students use computer technology. There are 26 computer labs that used ?nternet netw

The university has 12 academic schools .
The University supports communication and cooperation with the medical faculties of universities from 19 foreign countries ( including the U.S. , Germany, France , England, Russia etc. ) Clinical Departments collaborating with 28 foreign pharmaceutical companies.
The teachers of the faculty involved in the implementation of 62 international projects.

The university has established centers of new information technologies, research, diagnostic, medical and psychological clinic, training and production complex – dental clinic. They are equipped with modern facilities, which contributes to the learning process connection with the provision of medical care.

Practical training includes: studying the basics of nursing (2nd year), studying the skills of nurse office (3rd year), work as an assistant of doctor-intern physician, surgeon, pediatrician, obstetrician (4 year), improving knowledge and gaining GP skills in clinical reception (5 year).

Training system at the University complies with current industry standards of higher education. All members have the opportunity to use the library reading rooms, libraries and educational foundation.

The university operates a mandatory system of quality control and training of students , which includes daily monitoring of students in each class ,watershed control of individual sections of the program , certification of students through 2-2.5 months after the beginning of each semester with the average ratings of each discipline , the final test or exam. The Department of the University has a various programs for the control of students.

In learning process also implemented new technologies using modern computer technologies, the Center of New Information Technologies , which is familiar with the work of leaders in higher institutions of Ukraine and foreign universities in Europe, Asia , Africa and America.

Practice for each course completed exam.
Summary of state exams in the university determined by the requirements of industry standards for higher education.

At the last years was created the new courses of study: extreme medicine, informatics, Clinical Immunology and Allergology , manual therapy , homeopathy.


First Medical Faculty

Second Medical Faculty

Dental Faculty

Pharmaceutical Faculty

Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens

Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Post-Graduated Education


1. Obstetrics and Gynecology

2. Anesthesiology

3. Internal Medicine

4. Pediatric Surgery

5. General Practice – family Medicine

6. Infectious diseases

7. Clinical Oncology

8. Medicine psychology

9. Medical Psychology

10. Neurology

11. Orthopedics and Traumatology

12. Otolaryngology

13. Ophthalmology

14. Pathological Anatomy

15. Psychiatry

16. Pediatrics

17. Pulmonology

18. Radiology

19. Dental offices

20. Urology

21. Surgery

22. Pharmacy

23. Clinical Pharmacy

24. Neonatology

25. Pediatric Anesthesiology

26. Dermatology and venereology

27. Children`s otolaryngology

Term of studying – 3 years


Vinnitsa National Medical University named after Pirogov accepted all foreign nationals who have completed secondary education. Foreign nationals who do not know Russian can learn the language and prepare for entry to university in the preparatory department.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Vinnitsa National Medical University issue invitations to enter Ukraine for foreign citizens wishing to study at the preparatory , medical , dental and pharmaceutical departments , as well as 53 specialty postgraduate education.

Tuition fee per year :

 In Russian (Ukrainian ) language:

• At the preparatory faculty – 1600 USD,

• Faculty of Medicine – 3500 USD,

• Dental – 3900 USD,

• Pharmaceutical Faculty – 3300 USD.

In English:

• Faculty of Medicine – 4400 USD,

• Dental – 4600 USD,

• Pharmaceutical Faculty – 3600 USD.

• Pharmaceutical Faculty (Computer-Based Training ) – 2600 USD.

• Residency Masters ( Russian language study) – 4100 USD.

• Fellowship ( Russian language study) – 4500 USD

• Master (English Language Learning ) – 4600 USD

Visa support (issuing invitations and providing training on arrival ) – 100 USD.

Use of the library is included in the tuition fees.

During the training students will live in the hostel , equipped according to modern social standards ( 20 – USD 25 per month).

In the tuition fee does not include a mandatory medical insurance and medical examination that students pay on arrival to the University (about 60 USD). Students also pay for travel from the airport “Borispol” to the University (about 200USD).

Before starting study students must be interviewed in biology (medical and dental faculties ) or Chemistry ( Faculty of Pharmacy ), and an interview in Russian language .

The living conditions

The university has 5 hostels, 4 dining rooms, 7 Cafe. Each student is provided for an additional payment with room in the hostel for the period of studying at the university. Rooms are equipped with furniture, kitchen, showers and toilets.

We welcome you to study in Vinnitsa National Medical University.

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