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Odessa National Maritime University City: Odessa Founded in 1930 Status: State Accreditation: IV Form of study: Full-time, part-time Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master 5964 students 418 teachers 87 PhDs 58 Professors and doctors 35 Academicians and Corresponding Members of the branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine 6 – Honored workers of Higher School of Ukraine 10  Honored workers of […]

Pryazovski State Technical University City: Mariupol Founded in 1930 Status: State Accreditation: IV Form of study: Full-time, distance learning, preparatory department Qualifying  levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master 11000 Students 517 teachers 217 PhDs 38 Professors and doctors Educational process is conducted by highly skilled teachers. During study at university students study a modern computer technologies, foreign languages, study a number of […]

National University Of The Water Management And Natural Resources City: Rovno Established: 1915 Status: State Accreditation: IV Form of study: Full-time, part-time, external Qualification: Bachelor, Specialist, Master   Teaching staff: 719 teachers, among them 72 doctors of science, professors 360 candidates of science, professors 55 candidates of science, associate professors 45 candidates of science, senior teachers   In 1915 Kiev members of […]

National University of Ostroh Academy City: Ostroh Established: 1576 Status: State Accreditation: IV Qualification: Bachelor, Specialist, Master 3000+ students 27 doctors of science, 81 candidate of science   Ostroh Slavik-Greek- Latin Academy is the first higher educational institution  in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, was established in 1576 by the prince Vasily-Konstantin Ostrozhsky and the princess Galshka Ostrozhska.   Studying of seven […]

Sumy State University – Medical Institute The history of Sumy State University is begining from 1948, when in the city was founded Amounts training and counseling center of Moscow Institute of the metal industry. In 1993, Sumy Physics and Technology Institute was transformed into Sumy State University – University of the classical type of branched […]

Zaporozhye State Medical University Modern, multidisciplinary university with the right to autonomous control. Founded in 1903. The university has 615 teachers, including 104 doctors and professors and 417 associate professors and candidates of science. Among university scholars of NAS of Ukraine, 46 members of international academies of sciences and international scientific societies, eight Honored Scientist […]

ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS ABC – Airway, Breathing, and Circulation ABG – Arterial blood gas ACTH – Adrenocorticotrophic hormone ADH – Antiduiretic hormone AFB – Acid fast bacilli AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ALT/SGPT – Alanine aminotransferase AMI – acute myocardial infarction ANC – Antenatal care APOC – African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control ARDS – Adult […]

In financial management, management of cash can easily effect on your working capital optimization. If management of cash is not good, you will not succeed to manage your working capital. So, you should understand about the meaning of management of cash.Meaning of management of cashCash is most liquid asset just like petrol. So, it is very […]

Test Name Reference Range Acid phosphatase, prostatic, serum 0 – 0.8 U/L ACTH 6.0 – 76.0 pg/mL Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), serum   male 10 – 55 U/L   female 7 – 30 U/L Albumin, serum 3.5 – 5.2 g/dL Albumin, CSF 11 – 48 mg/dL Aldosterone, serum or plasma   Standing (normal salt diet) 2 to 5 times […]

5. Pyruvate dehydrogenase and the citric acid cycle 5.4 The citric acid cycle The overall reaction of the TCA cycle: does it add up? The citrate synthase reaction Reactions in the TCA: from citrate to oxaloacetate ?-Ketoglutarate dehydrogenase resembles PDH Almost all carbon that accrues in carbohydrate degradation is converted by PDH to acetyl-CoA. The […]

4. Catabolism of sugars other than glucose 4.3 Lactose and galactose The Leloir pathway for galactose utilization Mechanism of UDP-galactose epimerase Lactose intolerance Galactosemia Lactose, a disaccharide of glucose and galactose, is the major carbohydrate contained in milk. Like maltose and sucrose, it is cleaved at the brush border of the small intestine, and the […]

2. Refresher 2.5 Regulation of enzyme activity The phosphofructokinase reaction The adenylate kinase reaction equilibrates AMP, ADP and ATP Allosteric regulation of phosphofructokinase by AMP How allosteric regulation works Enzyme regulation by protein phosphorylation Oligomeric enzymes behave cooperatively Substrate cycles can amplify molecular regulation mechanisms Regulation of enzyme molecule abundance Just as a hydroelectric power […]

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