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Ternopil National Economic University City: Ternopil Established: 1966 Status: State Accreditation: IV Qualification: Bachelor, Specialist, Master 30000+ students   Teaching staff includes 1134 employees, 46 are Doctors of Sciences, 484 are Candidates of Sciences, Docents, 4 Honoured Workers of Public Education of Ukraine, 4 Honoured Scientists of Ukraine, 1 Honoured Jurist of Ukraine, 5 Merited Educators; 38 lecturers are the […]

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Education is a higher education institution of the 4th level accreditation. The Academy realizes post-graduate education of specialists in the all specialities of «Medicine» and «Pharmacy», also realizes post-graduate education of doctors-specialists in internship, magistracy, graduate school, clinical residency and also doctors pass their training course in accordance with […]

The university was founded in 1784,  Accreditation level : 4 5756 students 30 graduate students The number of teachers with scientific degrees: 115 docents 42 professors 173 candidates 27 doctors Forms of training: – full-time ; – part-time ; – external studies . Educational levels : – Bachelor – Specialist – Master Faculties: • Veterinary […]

Odessa State Medical University Listing Details City: Odessa Year of foundation: 1900 Title: State Accreditation: IV Document of completion: StateDiploma Form of study: full-time, part-time Qualifiers. levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master The Medical Faculty of the University of Novorossiysk was established in 1900. This university was the most prestigious of medical schools in Russia. In 1922 the Faculty of Medicine was […]

Ternopil State Medical University named after Gorbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University  Type of educational institution: University Ownership: State Level of accreditation: IV Form of study: Full-time Qualification level: Junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, master Number of students: over 3,200 students , including 1215 foreign nationals from 62 countries. Studying for international students is going in English language. Here was made an […]

Zaporozhye State Medical University Modern, multidisciplinary university with the right to autonomous control. Founded in 1903. The university has 615 teachers, including 104 doctors and professors and 417 associate professors and candidates of science. Among university scholars of NAS of Ukraine, 46 members of international academies of sciences and international scientific societies, eight Honored Scientist […]

(Each question carries 10 Marks). 1. i. What are some common psychiatric problems in Pakistan? ii. How would you manage them? 2. i. What is the effect of stress on physical and psycosocial health of a person? ii. Give non-pharmacological interventions for reducing stress. 3. A 25 years obese lady has come to you with […]

Leverage is very scientific tool in the hand of finance manager . Finance manager uses this tool for making effective financial structure of company . Financial structure is just mix of debt and equity and with help of leverage , finance manager gets fund with effective ratio of debt and equity . In simple word leverage […]

Test Name Reference Range Acid phosphatase, prostatic, serum 0 – 0.8 U/L ACTH 6.0 – 76.0 pg/mL Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), serum   male 10 – 55 U/L   female 7 – 30 U/L Albumin, serum 3.5 – 5.2 g/dL Albumin, CSF 11 – 48 mg/dL Aldosterone, serum or plasma   Standing (normal salt diet) 2 to 5 times […]

PMDC Exam 2013 Step 3   Station  Medicine:VivaExamine the abdomen for liver and spleen. Hepatomegaly, splenomegalyCauses of hepatomegaly and splenomegalyTests for Hepatitis B and CRelevance of USG abdomen? Station Medicine:VivaExamine the apex beat of the patient.Findings? Normally placed apex beat? Thrill felt or not ? How to  reach 5th intercoastal space Station Medicine:picture identification  SLE disease prognosis rely on which factors? C3 […]

PMDC Exam 2013 Step 1 Anatomy: Give an Account on development of Right Atrium? [5] Give an Account on Great Sephanous Vein? [5] Describe the anatomy of Inguinal Canal, and also describe its Applied Anatomy? [5] Describe the Lymphatic drainage of Breast? [5] Physiology: Define Cardiac Output? How do you Measure it? [5] Write the […]

14. Diabetes mellitus 14.5 Therapy of diabetes How to treat a fresh case of acute diabetes Kinetics of physiological insulin secretion The reversible aggregation of insulin delays its diffusion from tissue into the circulation Delayed release of insulin from protamine complexes Biphasic insulin preparations Short-term complications of insulin-requiring diabetes Long-term complications of insulin-requiring diabetes HbA1C […]

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