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One of Accounting Education fan at Facebook wants to know the difference between finance and financing. Finance and financing are used as synonyms in finance field. But there is big difference between both terms. Financing is just part of finance. It means to provide money for specific purpose. Deficit financing, education financing, financing a car, financing for […]

Internal rate of return is very advance method of capital budgeting and it is based on time value of money. Like NPV and P.I., we also calculate the present value of cashinflows and cash outflows in this method. But this method is purely different from NPV and PI. Before understanding this method of evaluation of investment projects , you should know what is internal rate […]

Working capital forecasts means to estimate the value of working capital in one year. Following are main items which are estimated in working capital forecasts.1. Future Operating CostsWe estimated our future operating cost, more future operating cost means more need of cash and cash is the part of working capital. It means, we need more working […]

Cost of equity share capital is that part of cost of capital which is payable to equityshareholder. Every shareholder gets shares for getting return on it. So, for companypoint of view, it will be cost and company must earn more than cost of equity capital in order to leave unaffected the market value of its shares. We can calculate […]

Cash is needed not only for paying everyday expenditure but lacking cash, we can not purchase any fixed assets also. Excellent planning of cash will make us easy to hold our expenditures and proper spending. The plan which helps us to use cash systematic way is called cash budget. Technique of making cash budget is called […]

PMDC Exam 2013 Step 1 Anatomy: Give an Account on development of Right Atrium? [5] Give an Account on Great Sephanous Vein? [5] Describe the anatomy of Inguinal Canal, and also describe its Applied Anatomy? [5] Describe the Lymphatic drainage of Breast? [5] Physiology: Define Cardiac Output? How do you Measure it? [5] Write the […]

Blood pressure and heart rate are not the same. Learn the differences. Blood Pressure Heart Rate What is it? The force of the blood against the walls of arteries The number of times your heart beats per minute What is the unit of measurement? mm Hg (millimeters of mercury) BPMs (beats per minute) What do […]

2. Refresher 2.2 How enzymes work: Active sites and catalytic mechanisms The “catalytic triad” in the active site of chymotrypsin The catalytic mechanism of chymotrypsin Many enzymes require coenzymes IUBMB classification of enzymes As with all proteins, the activity of enzymes depends on the precise arrangement and interaction of their amino acid residues and side […]

2. Refresher 2.5 Regulation of enzyme activity The phosphofructokinase reaction The adenylate kinase reaction equilibrates AMP, ADP and ATP Allosteric regulation of phosphofructokinase by AMP How allosteric regulation works Enzyme regulation by protein phosphorylation Oligomeric enzymes behave cooperatively Substrate cycles can amplify molecular regulation mechanisms Regulation of enzyme molecule abundance Just as a hydroelectric power […]

2. Refresher 2.3 Energetics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions A simile: the Walchensee–Kochelsee hydroelectric power system Analogies in the simile Discrepancies in the simile With each enzymatic reaction, as with any other chemical reaction, energy comes in with these two questions: will the reaction proceed at all in the desired direction, and if it does, will it […]

6. The respiratory chain 6.7 How is electron transport linked to proton pumping? Linking electron movement to proton pumping: A conceptual model Stoichiometry of proton ejection Some redox steps in the ETC are coupled to proton binding and dissociation, which may occur at opposite sides of the membrane. Example: Coenzyme Q cycle at complex III […]

6. The respiratory chain 6.5 The energetics of electron transport Redox reactions can be compartmentalized to produce a measurable voltage The redox potential (?E) is proportional to the free energy (?G) Redox potentials and free energies in the respiratory chain In discussing the driving forces of electron transport above, we have referred to both the […]

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