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Studying Nursing is never easy and what’s more difficult is finding the right educational institute to study a specialty in medicine. The high level of understanding, deep analytic skills, and the professionalism that is required in the medicine world, need to be learnt. The institute an individual learns medicine from, plays a very important role in developing these skills in a medical professional. One of the most important profiles in the medical field is nursing and many professionals look at learning from the best institutions while still being able to spend economically on the education. This is where they begin to look outside their country in search of better options.

Study Nursing in Ukraine

Study Nursing in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most preferred countries for nursing students to seek education because it is not just a beautiful place to live in, but also offers one of the most economic courses with high level of education.  Students from all over the world visit Ukraine to study and gain skills which makes it a place that is rich with cultures from all over the world. Certain other noticeable benefits of studying nursing in Ukraine are: The foreign students can take the US Medical Licensing Examinations and enter the post graduate residencies in the US.    

   The universities in Ukraine are recognized by the WHO Most of the medical universities in Ukraine are recognized by the European Council of Medicine, Pakistan Medical and General Council, Indian Medical Council, and General Medical Council (limited) of UK Most of the universities are also related to many scientific institutions all over the world providing the student with a wide range of career opportunities The medical students who graduate from Ukraine are also eligible for the professional linguistic assessment board of the United Kingdom

      The nursing course if for three years that gives a student the Bachelor of Nursing degree. The course begins with the study of the fundamental biological and medical principles and moves to the clinical subjects and then to learning how to nurse in different situations. There is also the provision of practical learning by attending training during class and in the hospitals. The processes followed in the medical universities in Ukraine are a part of the 46 participating countries which want to ensure that it is easier for the students to move from one country to another that fall under the European higher Education Area so that they can live and work at the country of their choice. Some of the well-known universities in Ukraine that offer nursing courses are:  

Kharkiv National Medical University

The oldest Medical School in Ukraine. In 2005, the University celebrated its 200th anniversary, its history dates back to 1805, when it was founded Kharkov Imperial University. In the public rankings of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kharkiv National Medical University is among the top five institutions.  The Degree (MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, MS, NURSING) of the Kharkov National Medical University is prestigious and recognized worldwide.


Ternopil State Medical and Nursing University

This University stands at the third rank among the medical schools of level IV accreditation and is the first university in Ukraine to create an American Nursing Program. The nursing students in this University are taught curriculum according to the International Nursing School guidelines.


Lugansk State Medical University

One of the oldest medical institutes in Ukraine, this University helps the students gain quality education at economical course fees. The professors at this university come with a lot of expertise and there is a lot of additional assistance for international students to help them have an excellent learning experience.

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I am Lawal Hassan from Nigeria and i will be very glad if i gat admission in Ukraine to study Bsc nursing.what are the requirement you need?.

apply online from our website and we will reply you back wtih all requirements.

 by Beatrice Ohenewaa Bossman

Am Beatrice from is my desire to study nursing in Ukraine as soon as possible.please help me with the necessary arrangements i have to undertake.Thank You

you can proceed with admission for Study in Ukraine by applying online and sending scan copies of your documents.

 by lawali hassan

spend your time studying in Ukraine and save many people in future practical life.

 by Bright Owusu Appiah

Am Bright Owusu Appiah from ghana and i am very intrested to do a nursing degree course that is my view

Yes, you can get admission in Ukraine for Nursing Course, You need to apply online and then send scan copies of your documents for admission.

 by Bright Owusu Appiah

Am Bright Owusu Appiah from ghana and i am very intrested to do a nursing degree course that is my view

Yes, you can get admission in ukraine for Nursing course. Just apply online and then scan us scan copies of your documents for admission process.

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Education is the key of success

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Very happy to get your help in admission process.

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Interested in scholarship for epidimology course

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I hope get a chance to Study in Ukraine 

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