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With a literacy rate of approximately 99.4%, Ukraine provides a solid educational structure and uncompromised knowledge that comes from not just studying, but also interacting with highly educated individuals. Ukraine is located in central Eastern Europe; Ukraine has been a hub for various cultures in history and has seen a lot of ups and downs. Currently the country boasts of being the biggest grain exporter in the world.

The government focuses a lot on education and has given access to free education to all its citizens while making it essential for all to complete general secondary education. Higher education is either private or state funded where students can receive certain scholarships, there are also provisions for students to receive subsidized housing, and books from libraries. A student can receive two types of degrees if they plan to receive higher education in Ukraine. These two degrees are the Bachelor’s degree which is for 4 year courses and the Master’s degree which is for 5-6 years. There is also a Specialist’s degree that requires 5 years of studies in the selected field.

Study Law in Ukraine

Study Law in Ukraine 


A student looking at studying Law in Ukraine will be glad to know that the institutes in this country are not only accredited but also have licenses specially assigned to teach students from other countries. Some of the Law schools in Ukraine that a student can look at while considering learning about this field in Ukraine:

Khmelnytsky: The Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law is one of the most well-known institutes in western Ukraine. The institute has very highly qualified teaching staff, an excellent reputation for enhancing the students’ skills, and a professional approach to training the budding lawyers. The law students are also given many opportunities to practice their learnt skills in the local government bodies or by working with the law agencies where they interact with the more experienced people and receive not just practical exposure but also guidance from the experts that helps them apply the learnt skills more efficiently.

Kiev: The national University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy School of Law is one of the latest additions to the Law schools in Ukraine; however, it ranks amongst the top ten law schools in the country. A student can obtain an LL.B, an LL.M and a professional specialist diploma by studying at this university. With three departments for law; applied legal studies, constitutional law, and interdisciplinary legal studies, the NaUKMA School of law trains its students with an approach that combines legal education aspects from American and European law schools and their own traditional training methods. The students are not just taught the laws; they are also made to practice in an equipped in house court room to help them be better prepared for real life situations.

Lviv: One of the oldest educational centers in Ukraine, Lviv provides its law students with a three to three and a half year course to graduate as a junior specialist in law which enables them to get government jobs, after this, further courses are more practical with the students working at government organizations to sharpen their skills.

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