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Study IT in Ukraine is one of the most sought skills in today’s computer dominated world and a student looking at they cannot afford the exorbitant fees or they save up and choose a university where they realize that there are more expenses that they do not have the means to manage.

Today, it has become possible for students to look outside their countries and choose more economic courses while also learning about new cultures and ways of working. One such country that is focused at providing the highest levels of education is Ukraine. With a literacy level of 99.45, Ukraine is rich with knowledge and the drive to make the best of education. While being a beautiful place to stay in, Ukraine has numerous benefits for a student; affordable housing, high-standard living, exposure to cultures from all over the world, and a great learning experience focused at helping students learn and provide all the support possible while they do so.

Study IT in Poltava National Technical University

Study IT in Poltava National Technical University

There are various universities in Ukraine that provide competitive courses in Information Technology:

Poltava National Technical University

Offers IT courses at Bachelors level, Masters level, Specialization and at PhD level is well.

Tuition fees: $2400 / year

Accommodation fees: $300 / year

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State University of Information and Communication Technologies:

This University has a variety of faculties for information technology; information security, data security, telecommunications, information security, telecommunication and informalization, and social technologies to name a few. There are also other specializations that a student can look at: radio engineering and computer engineering are a few choice favorites.

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Study IT in Ukraine











National Technical University of Ukraine: This is one of the major universities in Kiev. Founded in 1898, the institute has come a long way and evolved as technology evolved. It has various faculties that answer to the IT domain: department of informatics and computer engineering, radio engineering, electric power engineering, to name a few.

The universities Study IT in Ukraine focus at not just helping the students learn the IT skills; they also focus at involving students with real projects to set up information systems, involving the leading experts in the IT domain to deliver lectures, provide support to the students with high potential, and also individual training programs for students. The institutes also focus on upgrading and up skilling their professors so that they are abreast with the latest in the industry. The students don’t just get the best training to be better IT professionals, they also learn to evaluate and enhance their skills.

With the opportunity to learn the best, and gets hand son experience with the possibilities and support to find jobs, Ukraine has truly made itself student friendly. Its constant improvement of the processes and methods to help students learn has helped the aspirants from many cultures visit Ukraine in the hopes of learning and making their dreams come true.

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