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Study Economics in Ukraine

Economics is a very complicated study about production, distribution, and utilization of goods and services that analyses how things are related and how they impact the functioning of a country. There are various fields in economics, and to understand them perfectly, it is essential to have a very strong base and understanding of the underlying simple factors.

Ukraine has been providing education on economics to its students for over a century now and is very focused at making the students well aware and extremely skilled at analysing accurately, and becoming assets to their economies by the use of their brilliant skills.

There are various universities in Ukraine that offer courses on economics and are rich with professional expertise in this field of study:

Kharkiv National Institute of Economics: Founded in 1930, the University of Kharkiv was one of the first institutes to offer specialized education in economics. It began as a centre for the professionals at senior or middle levels to help them better the industrial and educational companies. The richness of the knowledge of this university and the focus on practical experience makes this university a good choice for an economics student.

Kyiv National University of Economics and Trade: Founded post the Second World War, the programs at this university focus on providing the skills and skills for practical applications in the fields of finance and banking, advertising, insurance, trade (home and foreign), tourism, restaurant and hotel business, realty market, and customer rights protection. The level of the academic qualification for this university reaches 80%.

Donetsk State University of Economy and Trade: Founded in 1920, the university began accepting international students in 1978. With programs in economics related to doctoral and research studies, the university also offers sports facilities, medical care, personal supervisors, and a library included in the basic fees.

Odessa State Economics University: This is one of the oldest and one of the most famous universities for economics studies in Ukraine. Equipped with 3 hostels and 6 campuses, the university is fully equipped to house and educate many students without compromising on their standard of living or focus on individual learning. The fields of economics taught here are: management and economics of production, economics and finance, international economics, and economics and credit.

East European University: The East European University offers education based on the modern scenarios. This is the first university to train people in market economy and management for all educational qualifications. A student can gain a junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, and master qualifications by studying at this university. With a solid background, this university boasts of numerous awards to the faculty and the institution to their contribution to the field of education. There are about 300 professionals that provide guidance in 12 specialities.

Study Economics in Ukraine

Study Economics in Ukraine


Economics is a subject that does not just require a student to understand the history and the principles of the current global scenario, it is a study that impacts the working of economies in the future which makes it essential for the students of economics to make a wise choice towards the educational institute they learn from, for their sake…and the economy’s.

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