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Sevastopol National University of Nuclear energy and Industry

Sevastopol National University of Nuclear energy and Industry

City: SevastopolSevastopol National University of Nuclear energy and Industry

Established in 1996

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, Distance learning, external

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master


Material and technical base :
The best in Sevastopol and Crimea reading room, scientific and technical library , computer center and modern computer audience , sports gyms and playgrounds, sports clubs , club, creative groups and theater groups , music, choreography and other areas of arts , dining room , buffets , a student dormitory .

Sevastopol National University of Nuclear energy

Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry ( SNUNEI ) – is the only higher education institution in the system of the nuclear industry in Ukraine, having a unique scientific and educational databases .


Professional scientific and pedagogical staff combines experience of scientists on the operation of nuclear power plants for radiation and nuclear safety , storage and processing of radioactive waste with the experience of highly qualified teachers and scholars in the field of nuclear energy .


Research work carried out on the material and technical basis NEIL of the nuclear and physics researches and nuclear safety , as well as on the unique educational complexes , which include :

The educational and research reactor IR-100 ;

Subcritical assembly of an active zone of the educational and research IR-200 reactor;

The radiochemical and spectrometer laboratories certified in Gosstandart of Ukraine;

Radiochemical laboratory for work with open radioactive materials;

The automated 22 thousand kW power installation;

Tow basin with necessary measuring equipment;

The unique heatphysical stand for carrying out researches of a condition of active zones;

The operating real equipment of nuclear power plants shops with VVER-1000 blocks;

Equipment and stands of educational laboratories of departments.


Being basic university of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, SNUNEI trains experts for nuclear energy and the industry, systems of power supply, specialists in environmental protection, energy saving and computer technologies.


The system of training of specialists in different specialties has no analogs in higher education institutions of Ukraine, combines theoretical and practical preparation on real equipment, training of specialists which completely conform to the European standard.


As a part of university: Institute of nuclear energy, electrical equipment and energy saving Institute, Institute of nuclear and chemical technologies, Ecological and technological Faculty, Faculty of metrology and management of quality systems, Faculty of information technologies, Faculty of general scientific preparation.


SNUNEI carries out training of bachelors, experts and masters on various specialties and the directions.  SNUNEI consists of: 4 educational and scientific institutes, 4 faculties.


1 . Institute of Nuclear Energy.


— nuclear steam-generating installations;

— operation and physical protection of nuclear power installations;

— steam-turbine installations and auxiliary mechanisms;

— automation of technological processes and productions;

— heating engineers.


2. Electrical equipment and energy saving Institute.


— electric networks and power consumption systems;

— operation of power plants;

— automation of electric systems;

— electric engineering;

— energy saving and nonconventional power sources.


3.Institute of nuclear and chemical technologies.


— dosimetry, radiation and technological control;

— chemical and technological processes;

— chemical technologies of a nuclear and fuel cycle.


4 . Institute of upgrade skills and pre-university preparation. Departments:

— pre-university preparation;

— postdegree education.



1 . Ecological and technological faculty.


Theoretical fundamentals of ecology.


Radio ecology and ecological safety.

Faculty of metrology and management of quality systems.



— metrology, information and measuring technology;

— metrology, standardization, certifications and quality managements;

— theoretical methods of receiving and processing of metrological information.


3 . Faculty of information technologies.


Computer ekological-economic monitoring;

Information security;

The computerized systems;

Calculus mathematics.


4 . Faculty of general scientific preparation.


Humanitarian, social and economic disciplines;

The higher mathematics.


Mechanics and materials science.

Informatics and computer graphics.

Descriptive geometry and machine-building drawing.

Foreign languages.

Physical training.


For foreign citizens

Students must provide the Certificate of completion the preparatory faculty where Russian orUkrainian to language was learned.

For the entrants, who wish study at our University conducted an interview in Russian, mathematics and physics.


Bachelor’s degree specialties

Nuclear Power Engineering

Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technologies

Chemical Technology

Computer Engineering

Computer Sciences

Metrology, Standardization and Certification

Metrology and Information-Measurement Technologies

Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Usage of Natural Resources


Term of study is 4 years.

Tuition fee:USD 2000-2200 per 1 academic year



Nuclear Power Engineering

Automated Operation of Technological Processes

Electrical Power Plants

Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Chemical Technology of Rare Earth Elements and Materials Based of Them

Quality, Standardization and Certification

Metrology and Measurement Equipment

Ecology and Environmental Protection

Specialized Computer Systems

Computer Ecology and Economic Monitoring


Term of study: 1-1,5 year

Tuition fee: USD 2000-2200 per 1 academic year


The cost of distance learning in any direction for 1 academic year:

Bachelors – 1500 USD;Sevastopol National University

Specialists – 1700 USD;

Masters – 1800 USD.


The cost of accommodation: 200 UAH ($25 per month).

The postgraduate study carries out preparation on the following specialties

Information technologies;

Transformation of renewable types of energy;

Thermal and nuclear power installations;

Ecological safety.

Terms of preparation in postgraduate study:

with a separation from production – 3 years;

On the job – 4 years;

For competitors of a scientific candidate’s degree – 5 years.

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