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Odessa State Medical University

Odessa State Medical UniversityOdessa State Medical University

Listing Details

City: Odessa

Year of foundation: 1900

Title: State

Accreditation: IV

Document of completion: StateDiploma

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Qualifiers. levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

The Medical Faculty of the University of Novorossiysk was established in 1900. This university was the most prestigious of medical schools in Russia.

In 1922 the Faculty of Medicine was reformed as an independent institution of higher education – medical institute which again turned into a leading university of the south.

At the years of the independent Ukraine our university has developed into one of the leading medical universities IV level of accreditation.

Today in our university study 6000 students, among them 1300-foreign students from 52 countries. Postgraduate education get 250 graduate students, interns, masters.

For 108 years the Odessa State Medical University graduated 74,000 doctors, 590 doctors and about 4 thousand candidates. Among them, 9,000 physicians and more than 100 candidates are citizens of foreign countries.

The material and technical base: 6 faculties , 58 departments , 12 academic buildings, 48 clinical sites, 2 private clinics, 3 own research institute, 13 specialized medical centers.

The University has modern facilities for teaching, research and medical diagnostic work, which assists in the implementation of the educational process and the medical practice of the latest achievements of medical science, in particular endoscopic, tissue therapy , etc.

Over the past few years created a unique scientific and medical units: Institute of Regenerative and reconstructive biomedicine, Institute of Clinical Biophysics , Institute of valeology and others successfully operated jointly by the health authorities diagnostic and treatment centers: cardiorheumatology , eye microsurgery , endoscopic and laser surgery , child cardiology , toxicology , etc. Finished the construction of a university dental clinic, the first in Ukraine Multidisciplinary University Hospital .

We published four scientific journals SCC of Ukraine , a series of textbooks. Published more than 100 titles of books inUkrainian, English French languages authored by scientists of the University

The University has a modern material and technical basis for the educational, scientific , medical and diagnostic work. Over the past few years created a unique scientific and medical department of the University : a private dental clinic and multidisciplinary university , Institute of Molecular Genetic and Cellular Medicine , Clinical Research Institute of Biophysics . Successfully operate LDC cardiorheumatology , eye microsurgery , osteosynthesis , endoskopic and laser surgery , pediatric cardiology , toxicology , etc.

Students have access to a large library and reading rooms , computer rooms , laboratories , auditoriums, dormitories 6 3 thousand beds .

The term of study in the medical faculties – 6 years ( basic – 5 years, 6 years- with a narrow specialization for experts). In graduate training period – 2-3 years in the medical faculties , and 1.5 years for the pharmacist .

Training of junior experts, bachelors and masters .

Foreign students can study for all accredited specialties ( under contract ) .


First Faculty of Medicine  (Specialist , Master) term of study 6 years

Second Faculty of Medicine (Specialist , Master)  term of study 6 years

Third Faculty of Medicine (Specialist , Master) term of study – 6 years

Fourth Faculty of Medicine:

7.110105 preventive medicine (Specialist , 6 years)

6.110100 Nurse (Bachelor )

Faculty of Dentistry

7.110106 , 8.110106 Dentistry ( Specialist and Master – 5 years)

5.110109 Orthopedic Dentistry (dental technician , 2 years)

The Faculty of Pharmacy

7.110201 , 8.110201 Pharmacy ( Specialist and Master – 5 years , expert)

The list of clinical bases of University

Multidisciplinary University Hospital

University Dental Clinic

Regional Hospital

Regional Children’s Hospital

Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital ? 1

Regional TB Dispensary

Regional Clinical TB Hospital for disabled WWII

Regional medical and sports clinic

Regional Oncology Center

Odessa STI clinic

Central Military Clinical Hospital ? 411

Railway Hospital

Railway Children Hospital

Regional Consultative Diagnostic Center

Regional pathological – anatomical Bureau

Regional Bureau of Forensic Science

Children’s City Hospital ? 1 , ? 2 , ? 3

City Clinical Hospital ? 1, ? 2, ? 3, ? 4, ? 9 , ? 10 , ? 11

City Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases

The regional hospital

Urban maternity ? 1 , ? 2 , ? 4 , ? 5 , ? 7

Regional dental clinic

Institute of Dental Sciences of Ukraine

Research Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy named after VP Filatov

Ukrainian Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

Usatovska precinct Hospital General Practice and Family Medicine

Kryzhanivska rural clinic family medicine and general practice

University Dentist Clinic

The most modern dental clinic of University was opened in 2002.

All equipment supplied by German company “Kavo” and “Ivoclar”.

The department of maxillofacial surgery performed surgery in the areas of the face and neck, transactions on teeth, annihilation tumors from oral face areas by implantation.

Dentures made in the department of orthopedic prosthesis.

Clinic is a strong base for students, dentists, dental technicians, for postgraduate education.

University Dental Clinic

“Medical Center Children’s Dental Health ONMedU “

In 2006 , the university was established Dental Clinic . Clinic was established to be the basis of the Department of Children’s Dentistry , for providing top quality dental care for children.

“Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health” – a dental clinic , with 14 clinical rooms, functional diagnostics , dental laboratory , lecture hall, and necessary support facilities . Clinical facilities are equipped with modern dental equipments and designed for the reception of patients, and for student`s practical classes.

From 1 January 2011 the ” Medical Center Children’s Dental Health” started receiving patients.

Multidisciplinary University Clinic (Center of Reconstructive and Restorative Medicine)

In 2005 the University Hospital was established as a subsidiary of the Odessa State Medical University.

Here is operating a clinical department, Department of General Practice and Medical Rehabilitation , separation of functional , beam diagnostics and intrascopic diagnosis, Physiotherapy department, Surgery Department, Department of invasive diagnostic methods and treatment, Neurological Department, Therapy Department, Department of reproductive medicine, pathologists branch, health review commission of sailors.

The X-ray room is equipped with modern X-ray equipment , so we are conducting a survey of all organs and systems in their entirety.

 Cabinet of functional diagnostics equipped with modern facilities for the assessment of the cardiovascular system.

In the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics conducted all general clinical, hematological and biochemical tests using modern equipment .

After 2 courses students take practice as an assistant of nurses in the hospitals of the city , after the 3rd year – as assistant of medical assistant , after the 4th year – as physician assistants , after the 5th year – are receiving in -patient departments and are on duty at the emergency clinic .

Final exams in all areas of specialties “Medicine” and “Pharmacy” held in the form of comprehensive vocational-oriented state exams.

Students who receive specialty ” General Medicine “, ” Pediatrics “, ” medical prophylaxis ” after taking final exams get a “doctor” qualification, students who study at the specialty “Dentistry” after taking final exams get a ” dentist ” qualification. Students who receive specialty “Pharmacy ” after taking final exams get a ” pharmacist ” qualification. Students who receive specialty “nursing”  get a “Bachelor nurse” qualification. Students who receive specialty “orthopedic dentistry” get a  “junior specialist – dental technician” qualification.

Foreign students pay tuition fees in USD , depending on the language of instruction : Russian ,Ukrainian – 2839/3200 $ per year , English – 3500/3890 $ at the medical faculties , $ 2,498 – in the pharmaceutical , $ 1,818 – to the dental prosthetic .

List of documents

Undergraduate course

1. Date of Birth Certificate by local municipal authority

2. Attested photocopy of Certificate and Mark sheet of class 10+2 or equivalent.

3. Six passport size photograps

4. Photocopy of Passport (if ready).

5. Medical Certificate with HIV test report.

Postgraduate Course:

1. Date of Birth Certificate by local municipal authority.

2. Attested photocopy of Certificate and Mark sheet of MBBS or equivalent exam.

3. Intership completion certificate

4. Six passport size photographs

5. Photocopy of Passport (if ready)

6. Medical Certificate with HIV test report

7. Registration Certificate of Medical Council.

Today the university has more than 1,000 foreign nationals who have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality and modern information services, new electronic students` library. Continuing the tradition of educational work with foreign students in ONMedU operates a complex approach to international education comprehensively developed personality, which aims to create a favorable atmosphere , good conditions for learning and a comprehensive and mutually enriching exploring their countries , their history and culture.

We welcome you to study in Odessa State Medical University.

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thanks for helping me in getting admkssion in september 2018.

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Recomended for foreign students.

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