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Odessa National Maritime University

Odessa National Maritime University

City: OdessaOdessa National Maritime University

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

5964 students

418 teachers

87 PhDs

58 Professors and doctors

35 Academicians and Corresponding Members of the branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine

6 – Honored workers of Higher School of Ukraine

10  Honored workers of different sectors

2  members of the New York Academy of Sciences

2  winners of State Award of Ukraine in Science and Technology

30 Departments

In the university received education about 1,350 professionals from 73 oreign countries .

Odessa Maritime University

Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU) is located in three school buildings, with machine , sports , assembly halls , educational workshops, a library ( the general fund of more than 800,000 copies), research laboratories , some of which are unique ( Research pool, aerodynamic laboratory ), modern publishing center with the printing . ONMU has a Yacht Club, in which bases 13 cruising yachts . The total area of ??educational and laboratory buildings is 53900 square meters. The university has a modern Computer Centre , which included 250 PC , also 300 PC uses in the departments and divisions.

The majority of computers are united in local university fiber-optic network to 500 computers which has Internet connection.


Technical condition of laboratories with their equipment, cathedral offices, an educational workshop  meet the appointment and requirements of modern curricula and programs, provide practical training of students and create for them favorable conditions for term projects and graduation project with wide use of the computer equipment.


Partners of ONMU:

Gda?sk University of Technology (Poland) .

Estonian Maritime Academy (Estonia).

Universite de Tizi-Ouzou, Institut de Genie Civil ( Algeria) .

Ltd ” Potiycky maritime port ” ( Georgia ) .

State dockyard of Singan (China).

Shetsinsky Technical University ( Poland ) .


ONMU was founded in 1930. It is the only educational institution in Ukraine and the CIS, which prepares the entire spectrum of coastal water transport specialists. Over the years the University has trained over 30,000 professionals for the CIS countries and more than 1200 specialists for 69 countries in Europe , Asia, Africa and Latin America. Currently, the university has more than 5,000 students, including 100 foreigners.


Training carries out at 7 faculties in 12 specialties. 34 professors and doctors of science, 101 associate professor, 27 academicians and corresponding members, PhDs work at 27 departments of university.


The University departments has 25 laboratories , some of which has a unique point , such as a development pool, aerodynamic laboratory and some others, allowing to carry out training and scientific researches at the modern level .


In the educational process is widely used different types of modern technical facilities : cinema, Audio technical facilities , television, video , satellite TV , etc. , running educational television center , which consists of hardware-studio complex.


A modern types of technical means: the cinema, sound technical means, television, video, satellite television, etc., are widely used in educational process, also operates the educational television center with the hardware and studio complex, allowing to transfer the information for work to students in audiences.


An important role in teaching process plays a computer center, which has 5 classrooms for 125 seats, equipped with PVM Pentium, which are connected to the local network and have access to the Internet.


The University has a scientific and technical library, with more than 700 thousand books and also have a unique collection of books on specialties, studying in the OGMU .


Students have the opportunity to do practical work in such companies as shipping companies, shipbuilding and ship repairing companies , marine and river trading ports of Odessa , Iljichiovsk, Ishmael , Reni, as well as in other organizations of Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine.


The University has a sports complex, which consists of a large game room, specialized halls for wrestling, weightlifting , table tennis , aerobics and two gyms . Besides the university has its own territory in the Black Sea Yacht Club , where there are 13 university -owned yachts .


Cathedral offices, training workshops are fully equipped.

All foreign students are provided with the accommodation (room for two people).



Shipbuilding Faculty

Engineering Faculty

Faculty of mechanization of ports

Faculty of waterways and shelf structures

Faculty of transport technologies and systems

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Law

Center for Postgraduate Education and training

Preparation Centre


Postgraduate training carry out on the next specialties: science of machines , lifting machinery , theory of the ship mechanics and construction of ships; shipbuilding technology and ship repair , ship power plants , automated control systems and advanced information technology , management projects and the development of production ; engineering Thermophysics , industrial power ; transportation; bases and foundations; hydrobiology, hydraulics and engineering , statistics, economics and mathematical modeling , economics and business organization of production , accounting, analysis and audit; economics of transport and communication , social philosophy and philosophy of history , criminal law and criminology .


Odessa National Maritime University is a member of the International Association of Universities , accredited by UNESCO , member of the Association of European Universities and Southeast European Association for Transportation Studies (SEATREF).


ONMU participates in the Trans-European cooperation programs for higher education (TEMPUS TACIS).


Tuition Fees (USD)

Bachelor degree

  1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 0,5 year total
Full-time 2270 2370 2470 2590   9700
Distance learning 1360 1420 1485 1550 975 6790


Specialist degree  (USD)

  1 semester 2 semester 3 semester total
Full-time 1010 1010   2020
Distance learning 607 607 682 1896


Master degree  (USD)

  1 semester 2 semester 3 semester total
Full-time 1010 1010   2020


Second Education  (USD)

  1 semester 2 semester total
Full-time 2020   2020
Distance learning 1215 685 1900


Preparation courses  1165 USD

Graduate School

Full-time2500 USD

Distance learning 2330 USD

Accommodation 35 USD per month

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