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Odessa National Maritime Academy

Odessa National Maritime Academy

City: Odessaodessa-national-maritime-academy-2334685

Established in 1944

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

8000 students

370 teachers

150 PhDs

50 Professors and doctors

Knowledge Areas: Automation and Control, Management, Administration, Law, Radiotechnics, radio-electronic devices and communications, transport and transport infrastructure, Electronics and Electromechanics



Maritime School named after A.I. Marinesco

Maritime College of Technical Fleet of ONMA


Training centers

Educational Center of Pre-University Training

Information and Advisory Centre

Training Centre GMDSS

Center for training and certification of seafarers

Information Technology Center

Center for survival in extreme conditions at sea


Odessa National Maritime Academy is one of the world’s leading centers of higher maritime education, which from 1944 prepares highly skilled professionals for the sea, river transport, fishing fleet, enterprises and organizations of maritime transport.

Material-technical base:
7 academic buildings, science library, publishing center, modern computer equipment , Internet access , campus .

Odessa National Maritime Academy is well known in the world maritime community. The Academy is a leading educational, scientific and methodical center , which defines the philosophy and strategy of the development of maritime education in Ukraine. Under the new economic conditions, the main objective of the Academy is to ensure the competitiveness of our graduates in the domestic and global labor markets due to the high quality standards of training of seafarers, the implementation of all national and international requirements.

Every year, more and more domestic and foreign ship-owners from Belgium , Great Britain, Greece, Denmark , Germany, Netherlands , Norway, Japan and other major maritime states preferUkrainian sailors and especially graduates of our Academy .

The academy has all the conditions for engage the sports facilities: swimming pool, gym, sports sections and water station.


Academy Publications

Automation of marine hardware

Ship Power Plants


Maritime law: current issues of theory and practice



Sea Navigation Faculty

Specialization:  Cargo transportation, Chartering and Agency Service, Deep-Sea Navigation


Maritime and Inland Waterway Navigation Faculty

Departments: Sea Geodesy and Hydrography, Navigation Inner and Sea Water ways, English Language in Sea and Hydrography Radiocommunication, Theory and Ship’s Construction, Security and Safety at Sea.

Specialization: Technical Service Ships’ Navigation and Dredging Operations, Navigation on Sea and Inner Water Ways, Sea-going Hydrographic Ships’ Navigation


The Engineering Faculty

Departments: Ship’s Power Plants, Maintenance and Fleet Operation, Ship’s Heat-power Engineering; Life Safety at Sea; Ship’s Refrigerating and Auxiliary Plants and Systems, their Operation; Theoretical Mechanics; English Language in Ships` Engineering Department Technology of Materials and Ship’s Repair.


Specialization: Ships’ power and refrigerating plants operation, Ships’ power plants operation.


Automation Faculty

Departments: Automation of Ships’ Steam Power Plants, Automation of Ships’ Gas and Diesel Turbine plants, Theory of Automatic Control and Computing.

Specialization: Automated Control of Ships’ Power Plants


Electrical, engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty

Departments: Higher Mathematics; Ships’ Electrical Machines and Automatically Controlled Drives; Maritime Radio Communication; Principles of Ship Electric Power Engineering; Ships’ Electrical Equipment and Automation; Fundamentals of Radio Engineering

Specialization: Maintenance and Operation of Ship’s Automated Systems


Maritime Law Faculty

Departments: Management and Economy on the Maritime Transport, Administrative and Criminal Law, Civil and Labor Law, Economic Theory and Business Undertakings on a Marine transport, Maritime Law,Ukrainian Culture and Language, Physical Education and Philosophy

Specialization: Management of Organization, Management of Organizations of Sea Transportation, Maritime Law


Azov Maritime Institute of Odessa National Maritime Academy and Izmail Faculty

Specialization: Navigation, Management, Ship Power Plant Operation.

Military Training Faculty


Faculty of Training of Foreign Students



Radio-electronic devices, systems and complexes

Maritime law

Ships power plant maintenance and operation

Electric systems and complexes of transport means

Automated control of technological processes

Management of organizations and administration


For studying at faculty applicant must have complete secondary education, also foreign applicants must pass Medical test.

Before start of educational process foreigners should study at preparatory faculty for 10 month  to study Russian orUkrainian.

Tuition fees of the preparatory course is 10430 UAH.


Terms of training:

Bachelor degree – 4 years

Specialist degree – 1,5 years

Master’s degree – 1,5 years.

Total period is 5,5 years.


Cost of training for Bachelor degree (full-time) 101600 UAH (25400 UAH annually).

Cost of training for Specialist degree ( full-time) 38550 UAH (25700 UAH for the first year and 12850 UAH for the second year).

Cost of training for Master’s degree (full-time) 40320 UAH (26880 UAH for the first year, 13440 UAH for the second year).

Foreign students are provided with accommodation, take part in cultural, social, and sports life, scientific and research work.


Postgraduate Education

Enrollment in graduate school conducted in the following areas.

engines and power plants.

Refrigerator, vacuum and compressor equipment.

Electrical equipment and systems.

Radio and television systems.

Automation of management processes.

Navigation and traffic management;

Maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Economics and Business Management.


Enrollment of students in doctoral studies conducted in the following specializations

Engines and power plants.

Automation of management processes.

Navigation and traffic management.

Maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Economics and Management of Enterprises.

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