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National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine

National Pharmaceutical University of UkraineNational Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine

City: Kharkiv

Year of established: 1805

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Educational levels: Bachelor, specialist, master


Faculty of Pharmacy.

Faculty of Economics and Management.

Department of Industrial Pharmacy.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty

Faculty for foreign students

91% of teachers – doctors and candidates of sciences

The university has over 20,000 students and staff, including more than 17,500 students, masters, graduate students and interns in 14 specialties and 6 areas of training.

National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine has trained more than 40,000 pharmacists, beauticians , clinical pharmacists, engineers and 4000 Masters of Pharmacy for 80 countries.

Nowadays, theUkrainian National University of Pharmacy training over 17,500 students, including about 1,100 students from 20 foreign countries, that confirming its high international ranking.

Students of the University have the unique opportunity to get a second education in medical and economics areas.

After getting a diploma our students can continue their studies at the university through the system of postgraduate education in internship , master`s degree courses , graduate school and doctoral studies.


“Journal of Pharmacy”

“Clinical Pharmacy”

“Journal of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry”

newspaper “Youth pharmacy”

“Management, Economics and Quality Assurance in Pharmacy”

High school teachers also publishes: lectures for pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical pharmacy textbooks allowance on medicinal plants, etc.

The University has about 600 academic staff , including 99 doctors, professors , 435 candidates of sciences , whose average age is 44 years , one member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , 15 corresponding members of the public academies of sciences of Ukraine , 33 Honoured Scientist , honored health workers, honored inventor of Ukraine , honored Worker of Pharmacy , Distinguished Educator , 2 laureate of state awards .

National University of Pharmacy is an honorary member of the European Association of Pharmaceutical Faculties (EAFP) and the International Association of Pharmacists (FIR).

According to the rating of UNESCO’s top 200 universities the State National Pharmaceutical University has one of the highest scientific quality and pedagogical potential of  90%. Among medical universities in Ukraine NUPh takes the third place.

Material and technical base

6 academic buildings and dormitories 5 ( area – 80 sq m.) 10 faculties , 49 departments , modern laboratories, cultural center , Center for Distance Education , Science and Technology Library (over 500 thousand copies ) 20 computer classes , a botanical garden , a fitness center , the center of primary health care , cosmetology center , tennis courts.

The university also includes the Institute for upgrade a qualification of  pharmacy specialists , Central Research Laboratory ( CRL ) , National Research Laboratory for Quality Control of therapeutic agents, Problem Laboratory of morphological and functional studies , clinical- diagnostic center, research laboratory of immunological and virology studies , laboratory organic synthesis, laboratory of clinical diagnosis, educational and industrial laboratory of organic synthesis, electrical and electronics laboratory, Scientific and methodological Laboratory for pharmaceutical Education , College of NUPh .

The university conducts basic and applied research aimed at the creation of new therapeutic agents and is preparing highly qualified specialists for the pharmaceutical industry , both in Ukraine and many foreign countries. The problems of scientific research conducted by scientists from the university covers all areas of pharmaceutical activity : synthesis, analysis , pharmacological study of biologically active substances of synthetic and natural origin , development and improvement of production technology of therapeutic agents , the organization of pharmaceutical business in Ukraine , clinical pharmacology and pharmaceutical care .

The University is located in 5 buildings – administrative , chemical , technological , biomedical, clinical , humanitarian .

Students have all the conditions for living and learning :

library, where the literature is free.

lecture halls , laboratories and classrooms equipped according to European standards.

reading rooms in the hostel.

Cultural Center.

Medical Center.

a sports complex .

INTERNET- club for work, leisure and correspondence with family and friends.

International telephone service , dry cleaning and laundry .

Cafes and shops.

Botanical Gardens.

Medical Care.

For all students we have a health services in hospitals and specialized medical centers located in one of the hostels of the university. Medical care is provided by highly qualified doctors . University Medical Center is equipped with modern equipment for diagnosis and prevention of various diseases. Serving in the health center is free.


Students have the opportunity to live in university dormitories with two levels of comfort: a classic hostel and the hostel with increased comfort . The cost of living averages $ 30-40 per month. The dorms are equipped with reading rooms, library, internet clubs, international telephone, laundry.

Faculty for foreign students

National University of Pharmacy – the largest institution of higher education in Europe to prepare qualified specialists in the pharmacy sector.

Faculty had trained foreign specialists for the pharmaceutical industry from many foreign countries for the last 45 years ( since 1965 ). During this time, more than 5,000 people from 77 countries received a master’s degree.

This large army of graduates, our colleagues dispersed around the world. Most graduates of Pharmacy holds leading positions in its sector, has its own pharmacy , work with embassies, ministries of health and others.

In the 80 years here studied , mostly students from the Middle East and Africa, in 90 years the geography of the international students in pharmacy has expanded .

Language of studying:Ukrainian , Russian and English.

Forms of study : full-time , part-time .

Duration of training:

– in Russian language 6 years ( Year 1 – Pre-university preparation)

– in  English – 5 years.

All foreign nationals wishing to study in the faculty will have a place in a hostel:

Training programs adapted to the international pharmacy professional requirements in connection with the entry into pharmacy system of the Bologna process.

Scientific areas.

Chemical synthesis and analysis of biologically active substances , creating synthetic drugs .

Pharmacognostic study of biologically active compounds , herbal medicine

Development of composition and technology of biologically active substances and drugs of natural origin (except vegetable ).

Pharmacological studies of biologically active substances and drugs of synthetic and natural origin, their use in medical practice.

The organization of pharmaceutical business , management and marketing in pharmacy.

Creation of homeopathic medicines.

Development of composition and technology of medical products for veterinary medicine.

Creating of medical and cosmetic products.

Pedagogy and psychology of higher medical and pharmaceutical schools .

We welcome you to study in National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine.

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