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Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after Gzhitsky

The university was founded in 1784, Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after Gzhitsky

Accreditation level : 4

5756 students

30 graduate students

The number of teachers with scientific degrees:

115 docents

42 professors

173 candidates

27 doctors

Forms of training:

– full-time ;

– part-time ;

– external studies .

Educational levels :

– Bachelor

– Specialist

– Master


• Veterinary Medicine with specialties – veterinary pharmacy, quality, standardization and certification of Agricultural Products ; diseases of small animals , laboratory work , veterinary ecology ;

• Biology and Technology Department – special production and processing of animal husbandry products with specialties beekeeping , farming , poultry farming, fish farming , management and specialty of aquatic resources ;

• Department of Food Technology and Ecology with specialties – conserving technology , preservation and processing of meat ; technology of preservation, conserving and processing of milk , fat`s technology , ecology and protection of the environment, environmental economics , quality, standardization and certification in the sector of : Veterinary and sanitary examination; technology of  leather and fur ; ecosafety of foodstuff;

• Faculty of Economics and Management with specialties – marketing, management of foreign economic activity; management of organizations;

• Faculty of distance education , which is training specialists in marketing, management of organizations , management of foreign economic activity , food technologies , ecology;

• Faculty of postgraduate education

At the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Retraining AIC conducted retraining of specialists with a diploma of the second state-level education .

Currently, the university has research institutes :

• Research Institute of bioecological monitoring.

• Research institute of biotechnological bases for increase the productivity of animals.

• Research Institute of Animal Physiology and ecoimmunology of animals and birds.

• Institute of Management and Information Technology .

• Research institute of introduction and intensive technologies in fish breeding.

The University has three specialized departments in 10 specialties :

Human and Animal Physiology , Veterinary Obstetrics and biotechnology of reproduction, veterinary sanitation and hygiene, veterinary and sanitary examination ,veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, animal nutrition and feed technology , selection of animals and ecology. Trainings in graduation School in going on 25 specialties .

In 2001 was opened a doctorate in 9 specialties .

University Buildings:

Main building, housing departments, research library , a sports complex and the campus of 4 dormitories with canteen are compactly plased in the central part of the city . Studying research centers are located in the university towns of Lviv region .

The University has 38 departments

 In addition, a structural unit that provides educational services, includes getting of second degree , training and retraining , the Institute of Postgraduate education and retraining APC.

Also here we have a scientific library , educational centers ” Davydov ” and “Komarnivsky ” practice deartment, information computer center with technical and educational services etc.

A separate department of the University is a Veterinary College, from December 2007 – University`s College .

The university realizes a program of integration of science and learning process. On the basis of the best scientific institutions and production units (firms , companies, associations) established 59 branches of departments, teaching and scientific complex ” Zoo veterinary and Biotechnology “, consists of 31 participants (  I – II accreditation levels schools , colleges , high schools, vocational schools , enterprises and centers , etc.).

In university operates a system of quality control and training of students (with certification testing , rating control). Dean’s Office and the Departments of University are computerized.

Here are 3 computer classes with access to the Internet. During studying process students using a computer programs.

Also University published the “Scientific Journal”.

University`s Museums:

1 Anatomical Museum

2 Memorial Museum named after S.Z.Hzhytsky

3 Forage Museum

4 Pathological Museum

5 Botanical and Zoological Museum

6 National Museum of History of the University

The University cooperates with institutions and specialized veterinary schools, research institutes , professional , social and civic associations of doctors of veterinary medicine (USA, Canada , Poland, Slovakia , Germany, Austria ,Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and other countries of Denmark) .

Since I991 we began a fruitful science, pedagogical and methodological cooperation.

The widest cooperation is carried out with agricultural universities and the Academy of Warsaw, Wroclaw , Krakow, Lublin, with Research Institute in Balice, Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine in Pulawy, with the Veterinarians Union of Poland, with farm ” AMI-mix-tat ” and many other institutions and firms of veterinary profile.

Institute of Postgraduate Education and Retraining

Institute of Postgraduate Education was founded in April, 1974 .

In 2008, the Institute received a license for training in the following areas :

Food technology and Engineering.

Zoo engineering.

Veterinary Medicine.

Quality, standardization and certification:

Economics and Business.



Water Bioresources.

In 2007 it started training  members of the qualification commissions, expert advisors , farm advisors .

In the teaching process involved 30 university departments , specialists from veterinary institutions , farms, processing plants, research facilities , laboratories, agricultural experts from specialized departments.

Students of the Institute have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest achievements of domestic and international science , listen to lectures by leading university scientists and professors from other universities in Lviv , including Lviv National University named after Franko, National “Lviv Polytechnic National University”, State Lviv Agrarian University, Commercial Lviv Academy, National Lviv University of Internal Affairs.

Independent work of students consist in regularly work in laboratories, library, computer rooms. This requires practice and seminars and preparation for tests, exams.

ICE uses such forms of studying : seminars , lectures , conferences , demonstrations , discussions , debates , group training.

The training process is used: projectors , educational computer program models, training videos , filmstrips , slides , multimedia projectors , televisions, projectors , 4 computer labs , VCRs and more.

In order to improve the learning process we respect the interests and wishes of students who expressed in discussions , conferences , surveys, roundtables , publications in the press.

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