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Kirovograd State Flight Academy of Ukraine

Kirovograd State Flight Academy of Ukraine

City: KirovogradKirovograd State Flight Academy of Ukraine

Year established: 1951

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Qualifying to. levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

2500 Students

197 teachers

67 PhDs

11 Professors and doctors


Kirovograd State Flight Academy

The Kirovograd flight academy of National aviation university is a higher educational institution IV of level of accreditation which carries out preparation and retraining of experts for civil aviation. The activity of GLAU is certified by the International Aviation Committee of CIS countries, licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In 1951 was created the Kirovograd military aviation college of pilots of distant aircraft which trained experts for military and air forces of the Soviet Union Army. In 10 years school was renamed on the highest aviation school of pilots of the Air Force. This school existed from 1951 to 1960 and prepared flight staff for Military and Air Forces of the Soviet Union Army. With the decision of the Soviet government, the school stopped its activity. On its base was created the Kirovograd school of the highest flight training of Civil aviation. Since 1971 started working the museum in educational institution. In 1993 by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the educational institution was given the status of the State flight academy of Ukraine. In 2000 the KSFAU joined the UN program TRAINAIR – the international program of preparation of the aviation personnel for civil aviation and it became the member of the Innovative center of the international educational programs “INKOS”. In 2011 KSFAU  joined to the National Aviation University. High quality of education in academy is based on the wealth of experience strengthened by long-term traditions. During the existence by our educational institution more than 110 thousand aviation experts were prepared, including 4 thousand citizens from 66 countries of the world.

Our graduates work on all continents of the Earth and hold different posts. For high quality of training of aviaexperts for the Republic of Cuba, the educational institution was awarded with the Cuban order “De la SOLIDARIDAD”, and for a great contribution of preparation of highly qualified personnel for aviation of Ukraine it got a silver medal of the International academic rating “Gold Fortuna”.

Kirovograd State Flight Academy of Ukraine is certified  by State aviation service of Ukraine, which confirms its compliance with provisions of the certification of educational institutions of civil aviation of Ukraine, to Rules of certification of aviation educational institutions of civil aviation on preparation of an aircrew of Ukraine and requirements of the Joint aviation administration of Europe of JAR-FCL, and given the right to carrying out the preparation of  students to obtain the certificate of crew member and making qualifying marks in the crew member certificate.

At all faculties trained representatives from more than 30 foreign countries. Our graduates are high-demanded on a labor market and continue to increase a glory of “alma mater” with selfless work. Today the State flight academy of Ukraine is a pride of Kirovograd region, a unique component of national education of Ukraine and an important component of the international educational space.

Nowadays the Academy provides training on the such specialties: Aircraft Flight operation (commercial pilot for single engine aircraft, commercial pilot for multi engine aircraft), Aircraft Production, Technical Maintenance and Repair (technical diagnostic and non-destructive methods of monitoring, flight engineer), Air Traffic Servicing (air traffic controller, air navigation information and flight planning officer, computer flight servicing officer, emergency servicing and flight safety officer), management of the organizations (manager-economist), management of foreign economic activity (manager-economist).
Material and technical base:

The academy has the unique infrastructure, allowing to make theoretical, training and practical (including flight) training of pilots, dispatchers and other experts of civil aviation in full accordance with the international requirements and standards.

Today the State flight academy is a powerful educational scientific-industrial complex which includes air navigation institute (faculty of service of air traffic, training center and retrainings of personnel in a control system of air traffic), the Kirovograd flight school, training center of search and rescue, the training centers, airfields and services of their providing, aerotechnical base, flight group, scientific and technical library, publishing house, hostels, dining rooms, a sports complex, recreation center, etc.
Here carries out multilevel training of pilots; dispatchers; engineers of repair and diagnostics of aircraft; Maintenance Aircraft engineers; employees on ensuring flights; specialists in emergency service and safety on an air transportation, the state order managers on a contract and a day basis, correspondence form of training, and also retraining and increase of qualification level of the aviation personnel. Cadets of  KSFAU wear a  uniform.
High quality of education in academy is based on the wealth of experience strengthened by long-term traditions.

During the existence of the KSFAU from our educational institution graduated more than 110 thousand aviaexperts, including over 5 thousand citizens from 81 countries of the world.

  • Air navigation institute;
  • Kirovograd flight school;
  • Faculty of flight operation;
  • Faculty of service of air traffic;
  • Faculty of Management;
  • Faculty of correspondence course;
  • Preparatory department;
  • Postgraduate study;
  • The international academy of problems of the person in aviation and cosmonautics;
  • Research center;
  • Training center of search and rescue;
  • Training centers;
  • Aero-technical base, airfields and services of their providing;
  • Flight group;
  • Scientifically- technical library;
  • Publishing house;
  • Medical and sanitary center;
  • Sports complex;
  • Hostels and dining rooms;
  • Culture center, etc.


Faculty of flight operation


  • safety of flights;
  •  physical and mathematical sciences;
  •   flight operation, aerodynamics and dynamics of flight;
  •  air navigation;
  •  aviation equipment;
  •  physical preparation;
  •  mechanics and designs of the aircraft equipment.

Faculty of service of air traffic 


  • service of air traffic;
  • information technologies;
  • search, rescue and aviation safety;
  • foreign languages;
  • aviation meteorology.

Faculty of Management


  • management and economics;
  • social -humanity studies;
  • aviation pedagogics and psychology.

Faculty of correspondence course


  • Aero Navigation – 4years (Bachelor level)
  • Aircraft Flight Operation, qualification Commercial Pilot of Multiengine Aircraft (Pilot-Engineer) – 5 years.
  • Aircraft and Engines Production, Technical Maintenance and Repair, qualifications  Flight engineer and Engineer for Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Methods of Monitor – 5 years.
  • Private Pilot (PPL)
  • Term of training is 9 months. The training is carrying out in Russian and English.
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL)
  • Term of training is 18 months. Total flight time is 165 hours. The training is conducted in Russian and English languages.
  • C?mmercial pilot with the right to fly multi-engine aircraft by instrumental flight rules (CPL/MEL/IR).
  • Term of training is 30 months. Total flight time is 300 hours. The course is conducted in Russian and English languages.
  • Postgraduate Courses – term of training is 3 years.

Preparatory Course for foreign citizens, term of training is 10 Months


Faculty of service of air traffic

Specialization 1year 2 year 3 year 4 year Total
Air traffic control 24300 24750 32730 34990 116770
Air navigation providing and

planning of flights

25600 23960 25840 24700 100100
Emergency service and

safety on the aviation


25100 22890 23810 23180 94980


Faculty of flight operation

Specialization 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year Total
Flight operation of the air


22300 66268 22900 519480 630948
Aircraft Maintenance 21430 21430 23694 28464 95018


Faculty of Management

Specialization 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year Total
Management of the international

air transportation

22310 22290 21890 20350 86840
Management of the tourist


22090 22060 21670 20140 85960


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