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Kharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary Medicine

Kharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary MedicineKharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary Medicine

City: Malaya Danilovka

Year of foundation: 1851

Status: state

Accreditation level: IV

Graduation document: state diploma

Qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master

Kharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary Medicine – the oldest university in the CIS of zooveterinary profile having a 150 years history. The first stage was the formation of the Academy in 1805 , and in 2001 was created directly KhSZA based Veterinary Institute . Kharkov veterinarian Academy is subordinates to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and is a public institution of education with IV level of accreditation. Academy graduates are successfully operating in 78 countries , such as Japan, USA, Canada , Bulgaria , Congo , Nigeria , Israel, Poland , China, Jordan , Panama, Nikakragua , Mali, Morocco , Ethiopia , and others.

Kharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary


Faculty of veterinary medicine

Technological faculty

Faculty of biotechnologies and environmental management

Management faculty

Academy collaborates with European universities as the University of Berlin (Germany), University of Utrecht (Netherlands) and Branevelsk college of practical training (Netherlands) . The aim of cooperation is to improve the training and exchange of experience between schools .

The Academy is located in the picturesque suburb of Kharkiv and includes 12 academic buildings, dining room , dispensary , teaching and research farm “Progress” , two stadiums , two gyms , a cultural center and 5 dormitories.

The Academy has already graduateded about 32 thousand highly qualified specialists . Today KhSZA trained 2914 students.

There are 219 teachers, among them 4 Corresponding Member UAAN , 31 professor, Ph.D., 110 associate professors, PhDs who work on four faculties and 30 departments.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has a departments:

Department of Surgery , Department of Chemistry , Department of Parasitology , Department of pathological and normal physiology , Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology , Department of Foreign Languages , Department of Pathological Anatomy , Department of Microbiology , Virology and Immunology , Department of Clinical Diagnostics , Department of Animal Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health , Department of Internal Medicine animals , Department of Anatomy and Histology .

Experts prepared by specializations :

– disease of producing animals ;

– treatment and prevention of diseases of small animals ;

– veterinary diagnostics laboratory;

– Veterinary Pharmacy ;

– Veterinary Sanitation ;

– veterinary- sanitary examination of products .

After graduation our graduates may find job in veterinary clinics , on poultry farms and zoofarms, in veterinary laboratory .

Faculty of Technology has the next departments:

 Department of design technology , mechanization and technical services in the animal husbandry and poultry technology

 Department of Physical Education

 Department of animal husbandry Technology

 Department  feeds and feeding technology

 Department of Genetics , Selection and Biotechnology

 Department of Applied Ecology

 Department of  technology and standardization of animal products

 Employment opportunities in manufacturing enterprises in the animal husbandry  sector .

Faculty of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences has departments :

Animal selection and hunting

Department of Applied Biology and aquatic biological resources

Department of Biotechnology

And specialties : Biotechnology , Water Bioresources and Aquaculture , Forestry and Horticulture .

Graduates have the opportunity to find a job in biological labaratories ; firms engaged in landscape design , scientific research institutes in the field of biotechnology .

Faculty of Management

After graduation, students have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate school academy in 11 specialties.

Foreign students

KhSZA-Kharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary Medicine prepares specialists for foreign countries . For them has been created  the dean’s office for foreign students , which pay enough attention to each student , and prepares international students for entry not only in KhSZA but also in other universities of the country , trains foreign citizens on the basic faculties of the Academy for the bachelor level qualifications and master degree to obtain International Diploma and postgraduate training . In case of a successful defense of the thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences and verification of documents of previous education , foreign nationals will have a Diploma of Candidate of Sciences .

Postgraduate Institute is important department of the Academy as a center of agricultural education. It provides highly qualified personnel for the agricultural sector. Improvement of methods of effective management of dairy industry and beef cattle is the main goal of scientific research institute of postgraduate education.

Annual number of people improve their qualifications is over 900 . Functions of the institution is increase and improve skills of agro-industries , doctors of veterinary medicine of different categories zoo engineers , academics of I-IV accreditation levels , as well as training for occupations cheesemaker , fish farmer , beekeeper , techniques of artificial insemination of agricultural and animals, laboratory assistant .

Material and technical base

12 educational buildings, a dining room, the medical center, three stadiums, two gyms, recreation center, a shooting gallery, equestrian sports complex, educational scientific center of plant growing and animal husbandry, a model broiler poultry farm (5 thousand birds), the information and library center (over 350 thousand copies).

We welcome you to study in Kharkiv State Academy of Zooveterinary Medicine.

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