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Kharkiv National Aerospase University

Kharkiv National Aerospace University

City: KharkovKharkiv National Aerospase University

Founded in 1930

Status: state

Accreditation: IV

Form of education: day, correspondence, remote

Qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master

9.5 thousands students

160 post-graduate;

 650 teachers

 2.5 thousands employers:

120 Professors and Candidates of Science

1 USSR State Lenin Prize winner,

7 USSR State Prize winners,

28 Ukraine State Prize winners,

11 USSR Council of Ministers Prize winners.

Kharkiv Aerospase University

The Kharkov aviation institute was founded in 1930 and originally it had two faculties – aircraft construction and engine building.

At the first time there were 12 teachers and 69 students. In 1932 flew up the first Europe’s passenger plane with the retractable landing gear KhAI-1, developed by teachers and students of KhAI.

In 1935 the teacher of institute A.M. Lyulka designed the first domestic turbojet engine.

Since November 1937, in KhAI has worked reactive group, designed the first rockets.

In 1953 in KhAI began works on creation of jet torches for drilling of strong breeds, constructed the wind tunnel.

Due to the development of rocketry techniques begun the preparation of specialists on its design and production, opened the radio engineering faculty.

In 1978 for outstanding achievements in area of training of highly qualified specialists and in scientific researches the institute was named after the founder of modern aerodynamics and hydromechanics Nikolay Zhukovsky.

In 1980 KhAI was awarded by the Order of Lenin.

In 1992 KhAI began training of foreign citizens.

In August, 1998 on the basis of the Kharkov aviation institute was created the National Aerospace University named after N. E.Zhukovsky.

On September 11, 2000 KhAI was given the status of “national” and a name of “National Space University named after N.E.Zhukovsky “The Kharkov aviation institute”.

For years of the existence, KhAI –Kharkiv National Aerospace University prepared more than 53 thousand engineers. Among experts with the higher education, working in aerospace branch of Ukraine, 80% of graduates are from KhAI.

The National Aerospace University is the collaborator of the International space program “the Alpha”, and also scientific projects with firms of the USA, Japan, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, China.

The university is proud of achievements of the scientists in the field of supersonic aerodynamics, durability of aviation designs, designing of aviation and rocket engines, control systems of aircraft and many others.

Inventions of scientists of university are patented in more than 20 countries of the world. Also KhAI is the constant participant of the international exhibitions.

All the foreign students can visit the Kharkiv Aviation Plant, Aviation Manufacturing Enterprise “Liliental”, Pilotless Vehicle Center, Training Center CAD/CAM/CAE, research laboratories (laboratory of hydraulics, laboratory of wind energetics), Wind Tunnel Hall, Constructions Hall, Engines Hall, Airplanes and Helicopters Hall.

          Also foreign students can see famous sights of Kharkiv: Opera and Ballet Theatre, Monuments of 2nd World War Victory, “Old Kharkiv” district, Memorial complex to victims of 2nd World War, Cathedrals and churches, Squire of Freedom (the largest squire in Europe), art exhibitions, Historical Museum, Museum of Nature, Planetarium.

Material-technical base: 8 educational buildings, 2 research institutes, scientific and educational laboratories which are equipped with 1200 computers with access to the Internet, the center of the computer integrated technologies CAD/CAM/CAE, library with fund over 1 million copies, reading rooms, student’s design office, swimming pool, sports complex, preventurium clinic of first medical aid, dining halls.

The KhAI takes part in such international programs, as Program of Tempus/Tacis European Community, Scholarship programs of the DAAD German Service Academic Exchange, Program of International association of students and young specialist, involved in economy, management and AIESEC information technology, Edmund Masky Scholarship Program, The Fullbright Academic Exchange Program, The Program of the Council of IREX International Scientific studies and exchange “Act in support of the liberty”.

Programs for Bachelor level (Duration is 4 years)

Automobile Transport

Airlines maintenance

Accounting and audit

International economics

Aircraft and rocket building

Engines and power plants of aircraft


System analysis

Information science

Applied mathematics

Power machine building

Heat power engineering

Machine building

Engineering mechanics

Applied mechanics

System engineering

Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Aero navigation

Geodesy, cartography, organization of the use of land

Metrology, standardization and certification

Metrology and informational and measuring technologies

Ecology, environment and balanced nature management

Radio techniques

Radio-electronic devices


Computer’s sciences

Computer’s engineering

Program engineering

Commodity research and commercial enterprise

Finances and credit


Economics of enterprise




Document knowledge and information activity

Admission On-line

  Programs at Masters level (Duration is 1,5 – 2 years)

Airplanes and helicopters

Aircraft engines and power plant

Control systems of flying machines and their complexes

Airplane and helicopter manufacturing

Aircraft engine manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing articles made in composite

Rocket and space complexes

Aerospace heat engineering

Spacecraft engines and power plant

Engines of rocket-space craft

Life safety measures

Information controlling systems and techniques

Information design technologies

Software of automated systems

Robotic systems and complexes

Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes

Manufacture of electronic devices

Technologies and means of telecommunication

Specialized computer systems

Information measuring systems

Quality, standardization and certification

Management of organizations

Project Management

Gas turbine power plants and compressor stations

Biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems

Metrology and measuring engineering

Systems of control and automation

Computer systems and networks

System programming

Non conventional sources of power

The term of training on the full-time post-graduate course is 3 years and on the distance instruction is 4 years. The graduates who wish to enter the post-graduate department should pass the entrance exams on major subject, foreign language (Russian or English) and philosophy.


Preparatory Department 1500 $

Bachelor level (training for 4 years in Russian orUkrainian)

1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year
2200 $ 2200 $ 2200 $ 2200 $

Bachelor level (training for 4 years in English)

Specialization 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year

“Airplanes and helicopters”,

“Technologies of aircraft manufacturing”,

“Aircraft Engines and Power Plants”.3000 $ + application procession fee paid at getting the invitation3000$3000$3000$”Management of Organizations”,

“Computer systems and networks”.2500$ + application procession fee paid at getting the invitation2500$2500$2500$

Master level  (1 – 1,5 years of training in Russian orUkrainian after completing Bachelor’s course)

1 year 2 year
2200$ 1100$

Master level (1,5 years of training in Russian orUkrainian after completing Bachelor’s course in other institution of high education)

1 year 2 year
2500$ 1250$

Master level (1,5 – 2 years of training in English):

Specialization 1 year 2 year
“Aircraft and Rocket Engineering”,


“Management of Organizations”,

“Airplanes and helicopters”,

“Technologies of aircraft manufacturing”,

“Computer systems and networks”,

“Aircraft Engines and Power Plants”.3500$1750$

Master level (1,5 – 2 years of training in English) according to individual curriculum  4000$

PhD (3 years of training in Russian orUkrainian), full-time education 3500$ for each year.

PhD (3 years of training in Russian orUkrainian), full-time education.For graduates of the KhAI with honors – 3200 $ for each year.

PhD(3 years of training in Russian orUkrainian),correspondence education – 2650$ for each year.

PhD (Training in English) – 5000$.

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