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Ivano Frankovsk National University of Oil and Gas

Ivano Frankovsk National University of Oil and Gas

City: Ivano-FrankovskIvano Frankovsk National University of Oil and Gas

Year established: 1967

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Qualifying  levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Departments 14


The Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is the higher education institution that has IV level of accreditation and training specialists for oil, gas and energy industries.


Ivano- Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is the largest public institution, and it includes 13 faculties and more than 10,000 students (Mechanics and Technology, Mechanical, Engineering and Environmental ,Geological , gas and oil industry, management of economic development , faculty of tourist complexes, management and informatics, faculty of oil and gas pipelone, economy and business , electrification and information technology, pre-university tutorial, training of foreign citizens, distance learning ). Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas includes several specialized institutions, as well as research institutes.

The University also trains students from foreign countries, such as, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Vietnam, India, Iran, Jordan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Pakistan  Turkmenistan and Africa.
University cooperates with many foreign delegations. Our University has a positive image on international scene.

Ivano Frankovsk University of Oil and Gas

The Ivano-Frankovsk National University of Oil and Gas cooperation with higher education institutions in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Argentina, Canada, India, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, France, and Russia. This fact ensures stable academic and teaching cooperation and often bring a positive results in joint conferences and researches. Students have the opportunity to go for practical training in Germany, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Egypt, and other countries.


Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is a multifunctional training, research and production complex, the base of Carpathian regional organization of students and teachers. Here is carrying out a pre-university and post-graduate training, function physics and technology lyceum, college of electronic devices.


56 departments of the Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has a powerful scientific and pedagogical staff – almost 700 teachers , 75 of them are doctors and professors , more than 350 – PhD , associate professors , 14 winners of State Award of Ukraine. Teachers solve a number of important tasks. At first this is improvement of teaching and educational process and its direction to the level of state standards of training specialists of necessary qualification; introduction of multistage system of training of specialists; search of new forms and methods of training, different types of control knowledge of students, technologies of training; strengthening of educational and laboratory base; preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff of high qualification.


The rating monitoring system of knowledge of students and modular training has considerable influence on improvement of quality of training specialists.


One way of improving the quality of training of future specialists is introduction in Ivano -Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas information technologies. This work is carried out in the classroom and at the organization of independent activity of students.


Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has the Electrotechnical College of Physics and Technical High School (training of junior specialists ) . For control of knowledge university uses a rating system. Modular training, students competitions and conferences promotes improvement of quality of training specialists. Ivano-Frankovsk Oil and Gas University is a Member of IAESTE ( Association for the Exchange of Students ) , and students are members of A?ESES (International Association of Economists ) .


Material and technical base

Ivano -Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has 12 academic buildings, 32 computer laboratories, technical Library ( more than 1.3 million books ), 7 dormitories , sports facilities , a ski lodge . Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas University has a Geological Museum and Museum of the University History. During the holidays, students can relax in the camp “Fakel “. Ivano- Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas provides international exchange of students.



Automatics and computer science – 9121 UAH
Electrification and information-measurement technologies
Economics and entrepreneurship – 9784 UAH
Faculty of oil-gas logistics
Faculty of management and informational activities – 7900 UAH
Faculty of management of industrial and regional economical development
Faculty of architecture of tourist complexes – 8772 UAH
Gas-oil industrial Faculty
Geological investigatory Faculty
Engineer-ecological Faculty
Mechanical Faculty



Engineering and Environmental Institute ( IEI ).

Institute for Fundamental and humanitarian training and correspondence , distance learning ( IFHPZDN ).

Institute of Continuing Education ( ICE ).

Institute of Economics and Management in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Institute of Mechanical Engineering.


Research institutes

Research Institute of Petroleum Energy and Ecology ( NDINHEE ).


Scientific departments:

Preparatory Department.

Department of Military Training.

Preparation department for foreign nationals.

Also the University trains highly qualified specialists in postgraduate and doctoral courses.


Scientific publications

Exploration and development of oil and gas fields

Scientific Bulletin

Oil and Gas energy

Methods and instruments of quality control

Journal Of Hydrocarbon Power Engineering


For foreign students the University provides several stages of training.

The main areas of activity in our University are :

1.Training specialists for the oil and gas, geological , engineering , instrument, and other areas of the economy of Ukraine.

2.Fundamental and applied research , creation of new and improve existing technologies, equipment and management systems in the national economy .

3.Preparation of highly qualified specialists – doctors and candidates of sciences.

4.Integration of the University to the global educational and scientific space, training of engineers and scientists to foreign countries.


The preparatory faculty preparation is trains entrants for the accession to university. In Poltava, Krasnograd, Priluki, Akhtyrka, Drogobich, operates four-months training courses with assistance of NGDU of “Akhtyrkaneftegaz”, Akhtyrsky UBR, NGDU of “Chernigovneftegaz”, the Poltava UBR, etc. The university carries out training of specialists from India , Pakistan, Jordan , Mongolia, Poland , Bulgaria, Vietnam , Russia , Belarus, Moldova .


For the needs of oil and gas area advanced training courses constantly operate on faculty of postdegree education according to training programs: gas geology , geophysics and geo-ecology , drilling , development and exploitation of oil and gas fields , transport and storage of oil and gas operation , diagnosis and repair of oilfield and drilling equipment , computer integration technology; electricity ; technical maintenance and repair of oil and gas transport technology ; instrumentations . Conducted retraining of experts ( the second higher education ) in all basic specialties of university.



Scientific work at the University aimed at improving the efficiency of oil and gas complex and the solution of strategically important task – improvement of providing a hydrocarbonic raw materials in Ukraine. It contains :

– Training of highly qualified specialists ( doctors and candidates of sciences) .

– carrying out basic and applied researches on oil and gas problems;


Research work carried out in two research institutes ( oil and gas technologies ; environmental safety and natural resources) , training, research and production center ” Intehtsentr ,” 13 research laboratories .


About city

Ivano- Frankovsk – eastern ” gateway” of Carpathians – located in southwestern Ukraine at a distance of 150-300 km from the borders of Poland , Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

Ivano- Frankovsk is administrative, economic and cultural center of the Carpathian region .

The city area – 83.73 square kilometers. Population – 241.1 thousand people.


At the National Technical University of Oil and Gas acts Science and Technology Park , with mission is to promote the introduction of many modern energy-saving technologies , know-how into the city and region.


Ivano -Frankovsk was marked by a high level of cultural and tourist attraction, which is taken into account in evaluating the flow of tourists , the presence of attractions in the city and infrastructure . Also, Ivano-Frankovsk has shown good results in terms of “higher education “, which describes the opportunity for higher education , the number of universities III and IV level of accreditation.

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