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Donetsk National Technical University

Donetsk National Technical University

Donetsk National Technical University ( DNTU ) – one of the largest technical universities in Ukraine .

Founded in May 1921.Donetsk National Technical University

City: Donetsk

Established: 1921

Status: State

Level of accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, part-time, external

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

28000 students

Teaching staff of all structural units of DNTU has 1990 teachers, including 1 academician and 3 members of the NAS of Ukraine, 50 academicians and corresponding members, 24 distinguished educators and 23 distinguished scientists of Ukraine, 3 Honoured inventors of Ukraine, 3 honored inventors of Ukraine, 172 doctors, 154 professors, 816 PhDs and 638 associate professors.

There are 1865 computer places of which 1622 are connected to the INTERNET. Created a developed corporate network, which combines more than 2,000 computers and more than 25 servers in academic buildings of Donetsk National Technical University.

Average price (bachelor) – (full-time / part-time) 8000 UAH / 4300 UAH

Average cost of education (specialist) – (full / part-time) 11460 UAH / UAH 7810

Average cost of tuition (master) – (full / part-time) 12 360 UAH / UAH 8500

For the Years of existence university prepared more than 110 thousand professionals. Among them, many politicians, Leaders of enterprises, famous scientists.

Material and technical base:

 33 educational, laboratory and scientific- production buildings ,

20 campuses,

 6 sports complexes, sports arena , swimming pool,

 5 canteens ,

 2 recreational complex.

The University consists of 6 institutes , 25 faculties , Magistracy of Public Administration , 5 colleges, preparatory department for foreign citizens , department of military training , library with more than 1.9 million books , German reading room, a modern sports complex .

In the summer 2001 the university received a status of the national. By this time the quantity of specialties and specializations exceeded 60. Total number of students on all forms of education exceeded 25 thousand. Now 1300 highly skilled teachers work at 88 departments, among them a number of winners of the State awards of Ukraine.

 Donetsk Technical University

DNTU-Donetsk National Technical University is world-recognized institution of higher education , which actively participates in international scientific and technical cooperation with 75 well-known universities of the world and 7 foreign companies , it is a member of 8 leading international educational organizations, among them ” Association of European Universities” ( Zheneva , Switzerland ) ” International Centre of Engineering formation during UNESCO” ( Melburn , Australia ) , European society of engineering education.


Mining Faculty


Development of sourse of minerals

Protection of labour and Aerology

Construction of mines and the underground

Mineral processing

Manufacturing Management

History and Law

Mining geomechanics

Mining-and-geological Faculty


Geoinformatics and Geodesy



Natural resources and environmental geology

Technology and engineering exploration work

Physical and Metallurgical Faculty


Ore-heating processes and low-waste technologies

Steel metallurgy


Non- ferrous metallurgy and construction materials

Metal Forming

Engineering Thermophysics

Physical material engineering

Industrial heat-power engineering


Faculty of Environment and Chemical Engineering


Chemical technology of fuel

Applied Ecology and Environmental Protection

Environmental activities

General Chemistry

Physical and Organic Chemistry

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering


Mining machines

Mining Transport and Logistics

Electromechanical systems

Machines and equipment for chemical production

Mechanical equipment of ferrous metallurgy plants

Manufacturing Engineering

Mechatronic systems of engineering equipment

Strength of Materials

Bases of machines

Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics

Theoretical Mechanics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Power station

Electrical systems

Electricity supply of industry and cities

Electric drive and automation of industrial plants

Electromechanics and theoretical bases of electronics


Faculty of Computer Sciences and Technology


Computer Engineering

Computer Systems Monitoring

Applied Mathematics and Computer Informatics

Automated Control Systems

Computational Mathematics and Programming


Intelligent system software

Artificial intelligence systems

System of analysis and modeling

Faculty of Computer Information Technologies and Automation


Automation and Telecommunications

Mining Electrical technology and Automatics named after R.M.Leybov

Electronic engineering

Department of “Higher Mathematics”  named after V.V.Pak

Faculty of Radiotechnics and specialized training


Radiotechnics and Information Protection

Life Safety and Civil Protection

Military Training

Faculty of Economics


Economics and Public Administration

Economy of enterprise

Economics and Marketing

Finance and Banking

Accounting and Auditing

Strategic management of economic development

International education and business communications

Faculty of Management


Management and economic law

International economic activity of enterprises

Personell Management and Labour Economics

Quality Control

Sociology and Political Science

Economic Cybernetics

French Engineering Faculty


English language

French language

Ukrainian and Russian language

Physical Education and Sport

German Technical Faculty


Systems of program control and mechatronics

German language

Technical Foreign Language

Faculty retraining

Faculty of training foreign students

Correspondence School

Term of study:

Bachelor  – 8 semesters;

Specialist  – 10 semesters;

Master – 11semesters.

Students who have already got higher education of Bachelor level  is :

Specialist level  – 2 semesters;

Master level- 3semesters.


Donetsk is the city in the east of Ukraine, an administrative center of Donetsk region. It is the fifth city of Ukraine by its population – 1,131,700 citizens.

Having the status of the regional center of Ukraine, Donetsk plays an important role in the political and socio-economic life of our country. History of the city is an integral part of the history of our country.

Total area of Donetsk is 385 km ².

There are 4 rivers in the city: Kalmius, Bakhmutka, Asmolovka, Cherepashkin.

The total length of the streets is 2500 km. Number of streets, boulevards, avenues – 2200. Main Street – Artem Street. Number of squares – 21. Main Square – Lenin Square.

Donetsk is a large sports center, has a highly developed sports infrastructure. Citizens of the Donetsk are the leaders in sports such as football, hockey, boxing, basketball, athletics, tennis.

There are 254 monuments of cultural heritage. The city has 11 cinemas, 53 Clubs and the Palace of Culture, 140 museums and museum rooms, 368 a librarys with more than 15,522,662 books.

Donetsk is a very green city, There are a lot of beautiful parks, boulevards. The botanical garden opens all the year.

Donetsk Scherbakov Park considered as the best park in Ukraine. There are a large number of monuments, sculptures and fountains.

Now Donetsk is a large industrial, administrative, cultural, educational and training center, which population exceeded one million. It is a city with a developed transport infrastructure, a wide network of different supermarkets and great destinations.

Thanks to scientific developments university employees received 4,700 patents for inventions among them 690 inventions of students , 110 patents abroad and sold 12 licenses to foreign firms. Also received 500 patents of Ukraine for inventions , 100 patents for utility model certificate 3 trademark . 600 inventions are introduced in the economy. In 2008 Donetsk National Technical University signed the contract about selling a license for the technology of process of electroslag receiving pure metals and alloys with the set structure and properties with the company Engler Enterprises Ltd ( China).

We welcome you to study in Donetsk National Technical University.

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Donetsk National Technical University.
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