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Work rules of Ukraine

Work rules of Ukraine

With the emerging economy, robust resources and the attention of international businesses focused on it, Ukraine has come a long way from the time when it gained independence. During that period, the country suffered a huge economic crunch and the autonomous government went into full swing to help the nation recover. Two decades later, the fruits of their labor have yielded and the country is on its way to become an important marketing economy in Europe. The following are the primary characteristics of a typical Ukrainian workplace.


Employment Policy

The core employment policy of the country initially was predominantly socialist; as passed on from the erstwhile Soviet Union. However, after liberation and over the years, numerous amends and additions have been made to the Employment Laws to help the employees meet the demands of a marketing economy that the nation has turned into. A major addition that can be highlighted is the Law of Remuneration of Work which drives the core labor policy away from its outdated, socialist roots.



Equality of Labor

The constitution of the country promotes equality and the Labor Code follows the same principle in work places where discrimination against employees on the ground of race, ethnicity, religion, political views and economic orientation is punishable by law.


Work time

Typically, the employees have to work for 40 hours a week and then take 2 days off. If they wish to work for 6 days, then they have to work for 7 hours a week. There are a minimum of 24 paid holidays throughout the year and the employees are not supposed to work on any of the 10 official days of Ukraine. A usual working day starts typically at 9 AM and ends at 5 PM. In manufacturing units, this could be 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. There are night shifts also which follow the same norms.



Just like it is in the Unites States of America, the Labor Laws of Ukraine do not emphasize on hourly wages. The total monthly minimum wages are taken into account. There are strict rules that have been laid down to punish employers who violate the minimum wage rule. Another rule established demands that the employees be paid twice every month with the interval between the 2 payouts not exceeding 16 days. Any breach of these guidelines entails prosecution by the government.



A non-residentUkrainian has to pay 15% income tax along with contribution towards state pension fund.


Work Culture

Employees greet each other typically by a hand shake and mentioning the first name. This is the greeting method that will put any foreigner at ease immediately. It has also been observed that people tend to mix and socialize a lot and this trend is also seen at work place where a certain level of amicability is to be maintained.


The country has found its place in the Index of Economic Freedom.

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