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One of the benefit of Study In Ukraine is to get instant jobs.


AccountantPlans and provides systems and services relating to the financial dealings of enterprises and individuals, and advises on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements.Tasks Include:

  • assists in the formulation of budgetary and accounting policies
  • prepares financial statements for presentation to boards of directors, management, shareholders, and statutory bodies
  • conducts financial investigations, undertakes audits, prepares reports, and advises on such matters as the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, capital financing, suspected fraud, insolvency and taxation
  • examines operating costs and the income and expenditure of institutions
  • provides assurance about the accuracy of information contained in financial reports and their compliance with statutory requirements
  • provides financial and taxation advice on business structures, plans and operations
  • liaises with bankers and brokers to establish funds management arrangements
  • may advise on the selection and application of computer-based accounting systems and may appraise cash flow and financial risk of capital investment projects

The students who study in Ukraine can easily get accountant job.


  • Financial Analyst
  • Insolvency Practitioner
  • Taxation Agent


ArchitectDesigns buildings or advises on the procurement of buildings, provides concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings, and negotiates with builders.Tasks Include:

  • obtains advice from clients or management to determine type, style and size of buildings or alterations
  • provides information regarding designs, materials and estimated building times
  • prepares project documentation, including sketches and scale drawings, and integrates structural, mechanical and aesthetic elements in final designs
  • writes specifications and contract documents for use by builders and calls tenders on behalf of clients
  • consults with a range of engineers and experts in the fields of environmental design
  • develops feasibility studies jointly with quantity surveyors and other workers
  • inspects and oversees construction work to ensure compliance with specifications
  • may specialise in the design of commercial, industrial, institutional, residential or recreational buildings or in conservation architecture
  • may supervise and coordinate the work of architectural associates
  • may use computer-assisted design software and equipment to prepare project designs and documentation

Architects are in demand and students could be hired easily after their study in Ukraine.


  • Conservation Architect
  • Heritage Architect


ComputingWrites, tests and maintains computer programs to meet the application needs of end-users of computer systems.There is great space for students to get computer programing jobs after their study in Ukraine.Computing jobs are in demand and students could be hired easily after their study in Ukraine.Tasks Include:

  • Assists systems designers in researching and documenting computer users’ requirements
  • participates in writing specifications for computer systems and producing the components of computer programs.
  • analyses objectives and problems specified by systems designers
  • translates the formalised solutions
    provided by systems designers into detailed program specifications
  • prepares detailed logical designs to establish the order in which data is processed, points at which decisions must be made and the sequence of operations
  • writes programs as lists of instructions in computer languages or machine code, working from formalised representations of solutions
  • tests the validity and logic of programs and makes amendments
  • prepares reports, manuals and documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of system software for use by computer equipment suppliers, systems designers, programmers and computer operators
  • may analyse, review and rewrite programs and component modules of programs

Electrical Engineer

Electrical EngineerDesigns, develops and supervises the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of equipment, machines and systems for the generation, distribution, utilisation and control of electric power.Electrical engineers are required in many companies and students could be hired easily after their study in Ukraine.Tasks Include:

  • plans and designs the manufacture and installation of electric power equipment and facilities;
  • determines the type and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines and other equipment;
  • develops products such as electric motors, components, equipment and appliances;
  • interprets specifications, drawings, standards and regulations relating to electric power equipment and use;
  • organises and manages resources used in the supply of electrical components, machines, appliances and equipment;
  • establishes delivery and installation schedules for machines, switchgear, cables and fittings;
  • supervises the operation and maintenance of power stations, transmission and distribution systems and industrial plants
  • may specialise in research in areas such as power generation and transmission systems, transformers, switchgear and electric motors, telemetry and control systems;

Specialisations:     Electrical Design Engineer

External Auditor

External AuditorDesigns and operates information and reporting systems to meet external financial reporting requirements.Tasks Include:

  • provides independent opinions on the financial performance of an organisation, and the extent to which its obligations are fulfilled and verifies the accuracy of information contained in accounting records
  • verifies the existence of assets and liabilities mentioned in reportsand prepares financial statements and reports for management, shareholders and statutory bodies
  • determines the efficiency and effectiveness of companies and government departments
  • may examine the records of government departments, statutory and municipal authorities and government-owned companies

Fashion Designer

Fashion DesignerDesigns garments and accessories by pursuing original ideas or adapting existing styles.Fashion designers are in demand and students could be hired easily after their study in Ukraine.Tasks Include:

  • conceives designs for garments or fashion accessories such as handbags and shoes
  • prepares detailed sketches showing front, back, seams, cut and other important features of garments
  • chooses combinations of fabrics, colours and trim to complement styles


  • discusses designs with management, sales departments, manufacturing staff, and buyers from retail and department stores
  • assists pattern makers in the production of master patterns and supervises production of sample garments
  • uses computer-aided design systems
  • may showcase product at fashion shows and exhibitionsSpecialisations:
  • Costume Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic DesignerDesigns and presents information in a visual form for print, film, television, signs, video and computers.Graphic designers are also in demand and students don’t face any problem to get hire for this job after their study in Ukraine.Tasks Include:

  • consults with clients to determine time frames, budgets and other objectives
  • analyses clients’ needs, undertakes research and plans presentation of material
  • prepares concepts and illustrations or other visual representation of final material
  • submits designs to clients for approval
  • prepares notes and instructions for finishing artists to assemble and prepares final artwork for printing, display or electronic use
  • reviews final layout and suggests changes and improvements through proofing stages
  • may advise on the photography and reproduction of illustrations or other graphicsSpecialisations:
  • Calligrapher
  • Display Artist
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Film and Video Graphics Designer
  • Publication Designer

Interior Designer

Interior DesignerPlans and designs interiors for buildings, offices and homes, with consideration to layout, function, aesthetics and safety.Tasks Include:

  • consults with clients to determine needs, preferences and expectations
  • analyses functional requirements, desired effect and purpose of the interior
  • sketches plans of areas showing arrangement of space, furniture and accessories
  • estimates costs and materials required and presents plans and quotes to clients for approval
  • selects or recommends purchases of decorative and functional materials and accessories such as furniture, lighting fixtures and paintings
  • directs workers engaged in on-site implementation of proposed scheme
  • uses computer-aided design systems as part of the design process and for consultation with clients
  • designs original furnishings and joinery to conform with proposed scheme
  • may work with architects in the preparation of plans
  • may design interiors for ships, aircraft or other transport vehicle

Registered Nurse

Registered NurseProvides nursing care for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities or other health care facilities and in the community.Tasks Include:

  • assesses, plans, implements and evaluates nursing care for patients according to accepted nursing practice and standards
  • liaises with other health professionals and members of health teams
  • assists medical practitioners to examine patients, administer treatment and deliver babies
  • observes, records and reports on patients’ condition and their reactions to drugs and other treatments
  • promotes health and assists in the prevention of ill health by participating in health education and other health promotion activities
  • supervises and coordinates the work of enrolled nurses and other health care workers
  • may specialise in a particular area of nursing careSpecialisations:
  • Acute Care Nurse
  • Aged Care Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Community Nurse
  • Paediatrics Nurse
  • Remote/Rural Area Nurse

System Programmer

System ProgrammerWrites, maintains and updates programs which control the overall functioning of computers.Tasks Include:

  • develops specifications for enhancements in the operation of computer and telecommunications system software
  • determines program design, and writes system programs in computer languages or machine code
  • tests the validity and logic of system programs
  • modifies, amends and updates software programs and database structures
  • prepares documentation on the use of system software by other information technology personnel
  • may contribute to the development of new software in a mainframe, personal computer or local area network environment

Computer / System Programmers are in great demand and students get for this job instantly after their study in Ukraine.






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