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Job Realities in Ukraine

Job Realities in Ukraine

When seeking jobs in Ukraine, one of the major requirements is the knowledge of Russian orUkrainian. Both of these languages are predominantly spoken and are also the official languages of the country. Most of the nativeUkrainians know Russian as well. As of today, there are areas where Russian is predominant and others whereUkrainian is.


Ukraine has had an established infrastructure for base industries like electric power, coal, machinery and transport equipment, food processing etc. However, the IT sector has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. This growth was prominently seen since the beginning of the 20th century, and went slow with the global downturn in 2009(along with the other sectors of course). This was when there was a huge decline in steel, chemicals and machinery sectors. Since then, though these sectors have “rebooted”, yet the prominence in growth has been witnessed in the neo IT sector. Today Ukraine is the base of some of the biggest multinationals in the world. These names are familiar and include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Proctor and Gamble, KPMG etc.


Therefore if you are looking for a career in the country, you will have to be fluent in at least one of the languages; eitherUkrainian or Russian. It is a matter of skills and motivation when you approach an employer in Ukraine for a job. If you convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the job, then the organization will agree to invite you.


Some skeptics feel that organizations do not do so because they can easily find a native to work for them and hiring a foreigner to do the job is further deterred by the fact that they have to prove to the embassy why a native Ukrainian is not fit for the job.


However, just like it is with all the organizations, if you have special skills in any sector- marketing, finance, IT , applied sciences etc.- organizations can easily ascertain whether you are the person for the job or not. If you are, they inform the embassy to offer you a visa because you are the individual whom they want. After all, a selection is made from amongst a large number of candidates and your mettle has been proven.


There are many consultants which promise jobs for you. Always be sure of the job and the organization that you intend to work for. Only recently fraudulent activities were uncovered in Ukraine related to job assistance. There were websites where students and job seekers unwittingly made payments and never received services that were promised. This is the reason why one must choose a reliable organization which they have known from the beginning and have been in touch with since the inception of the study program. This will ensure that the career opportunities are true and myriad.

Job Realities in Ukraine

Job Realities in Ukraine

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 by Dr.MIduR

Dear Sir, Hello there, Good Evening !

Could I apply for a citizenship of Ukraine anyway I really want to join as a Medical Doctor at any medical university hospital in Ukraine with salary, possible ?

You can apply forUkrainian citizenship, after completing 6 year medical course in Ukraine.

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