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There is a huge scope of the Internships in Ukraine -or the Work-Study program as some might call it-in Ukraine. Anyone who has the knowledge of eitherUkrainian or Russian can work as an intern with some of the biggest organizations and become a part of one of the most formidable white collar work force in the European region. A little self motivation will take you a long way.


Internship Features

The Internships in Ukraine is one of the best ways to get the working knowledge of businesses and also get to immerse in the day to day lives ofUkrainians thus gaining from a very close perspective. The experience garnered from the program allows an intern to experience something that cannot be told or read. The work culture, the ethics and methodology is certainly different from other nations and this is how one can learn about the subtleties and differences of cultures which, only decades ago belonged to two biggest global rivals.

Interships for study in Ukraine

Interships for study in Ukraine

How we help?

We assist you in obtaining these internships by seeking the best organizations that can fit the work profile you want to opt for.

  • Before you approach for an interview seeking an internship, we meet these organizations in advance and settle the negotiation on the form and terms of internship.
  • Once these parameters are established, then we contact all the potential interns and cascade the information regarding the internship profile, including the credit weight.
  • Once we receive your approval, we make all the arrangements to help you obtain the visa. We send the required invitation letters to you so that you can obtain your visa with ease.
  • When you arrive in Ukraine for your internship, all that you have to do is join the job.
  • You do not have to worry about the accommodations. We arrange for all forms of accommodation that suit your requirements.
Ukrainian culture and Internships in Ukraine

Ukrainian culture and Internships in Ukraine


Ukrainian culture and Internships in Ukraine


One of the best ways to learn of the culture of the place is to live with the locals. This is why we arrange accommodations with host families for all those students who wish to understand the culture of the country better. This is not only inexpensive in comparison with individual accommodation but also gives you a one-on-one orientation with the host family when you become a part of their homes for the whole duration of your stay. You eat the same food that they do, you live under the same roof as they do and hence are able to create a bond that is otherwise not likely. On the other hand, if you would like a private accommodation, then we provide you with some of the best accommodations that are affordable, comfortable and exclusive.

We do not just offer you the opportunity to work as an intern but also are available for any questions or queries throughout your stay in Ukraine.

Study in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine


FAQ (Interships for study in Ukraine)

Are the internships paid?
The majority of internships in all professional fields are unpaid, however the experience that you get will be immensely beneficial for your career. There are paid internships available in a few selected fields, so please check with us about the availability.

What kinds of companies are available for the internship program?
There are a wide range of companies, local and international based, universities, research institutes, schools, hospitals and charity organizations.

What kind of work can I expect to do?
You can expect to be involved in tasks, projects and administrative duties that are relevant to your selected industry. The degree of responsibility and level of specialization in your role are based on your knowledge, skills and academic achievements.

What happen if I don’t like my internship?
We will help to determine what the problem is and fix it if possible. A negotiation with the host company will be done on your behalf, and if no improvement is possible, we will organize an alternative placement as soon as possible.

What are the requirements?
We require that you have an adequate level (minimum intermediate level) of English /Ukrainian language. For non English speakers, we recommend that you take a short course before the start of the program.
We have a standard test which will help determining the amount of time you need to study English to get to the desired level. All nonUkrainian permanent residents and citizens will need to be over 18 years old, and has completed or working towards completing your tertiary education (diploma or university degree).

How long does it take to organize the internship?
We guarantee to have a suitable internship confirmed to you within 8 weeks of your application, where the profile of host company and detailed outline of your training will be made available for you.

Testimonials (Internships for study in Ukraine)

Lukasz Poland
“Before I did the internship I didn’t really understand why I should pay to do an internship. I can really say now after doing the internship that it was probably the best investment in my future. The newspaper even published 2 of my articles, I couldn’t believe it!!”.

Naoko Japan
“The internship was such a wonderful experience for me. Everyone really looked after me and helped me a lot with all my questions. I was given an excellence reference when I left which will help me to get a great job back in my own country”.

Britta Germany
“An internship in Ukraine is especially worth for improving language skills and getting further insight in work methods and work processes ofUkrainian companies”.

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 by Oyaje Michael Ngbede

I, Oyaje Michael Ngbede, Student of Offshore Technology Institute,
pursuing a Masters degree in Subsea Engineering. I would like to make
best use of my time to get some good work experience which would help
me in shaping my Academy and career.

I am attaching my significant documents that you may require to
consider my application. Your organization as everyone knows gives
starters the platform to open their minds and experiment with new
technology and projects and create something out of box.

I will be very indebted if you could consider me for any position you
feel it matches my educational qualification as an internship

I am a motivated person and believe in sincere hard work, teamwork and
following deadlines. I would be grateful if you give me a chance to
work in your company.

A prompt reply would be very much appreciated.

Thank You,

Yours faithfully,

Oyaje Michael

 by Marcel kelvin

I am very good in any technical work. To design and to. Construct.


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