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If you’re a foreigner student or visitor to Ukraine, or considering making a move there for a longer period, you’re going to need a bank account. Here’s our short guide to get you started. What documents do I need to open a bank account in Ukraine? The process for opening a bank account in Ukraine […]

Study in Ukraine What makes Study Abroad Ukraine   a special Destination ? Unique Culture  Ukraine is one of those nations where  culture  has prevailed due to the resilience of its denizens. The hunger for knowledge has always persisted despite the wars and invasions that consumed the nation throughout centuries. The literature of the country dates back as […]

Study in Ukraine Why study in Ukraine Bordering seven countries, two continents, and two seas, the country of Ukraine is a fascinating and beautiful destination for students to take their studies. The country is the second largest in Europe and falls within the world’s top fifty when it comes to geographical area, meaning that the landscapes, […]

Dear Applicants! In order to enter Ukraine for studying, each of you must get Student Visa stamped in your passport! You need to apply to the Embassy of Ukraine and submit your documents (with Invitation to Study before all). If there is no Embassy of Ukraine in your country, please see the table below, where the corresponding […]

              100 students from developing countries have been selected for scholarships in order to get your dream education in Ukraine. List of Scholarship winners of Tuition fees is mentioned below:  Full Name Country of Birth Program / Course Applied   Usman Sadiq Nigeria Medicine   JOHN FRANCIS FORDJOUR ABABIO Ghana Agriculture   […]

Pay online  for guarantee admission, invitation and visa support letter with courier charges. Scholarship of $250.   You have to pay $150 instead of $400 ($250 will be paid by freescholarships.eu for you) for admission, invitation and visa support letter with courier charges. Payment of $150 for admission of Study in Ukraine with Visa/Master card: […]

Rent a Flat / apartment near the university campus in ukraine Private Appartments/flats are available in any City of Ukraine.International students in ukraine are free torent an apartment ,if they do not like hostel,dormatory life,or if they want more freedom or more independence.The university officials and your local agent willhelp in choosing private flat for you.A wide range […]

USMLE-United States Medical Licensing Examination   Examination Content for USMLE-   The United States Medical Licensing Examination  (USMLE) is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States. A medical student officially enrolled in, or a graduate of, a medical school outside the United States and Canada is eligible to take the step 1 […]

It’s good news to those who prefer to study MBBS abroad. Yes, previously, there was a need of eligibility certificate provided by the MCI (Medical Council of India) which was mandatory to be submitted during admissions. But now, the eligibility certificate is not mandatory! However, they have to fill the eligibility criteria as per the […]

Study in Ukraine- The Benefits of studying in ukraine universities: NO IELTS / TOEFL required 100% Admission and invitaion Assurance for indian and african students . Invitation Letter in 1 day. Guaranteed study Visa to our students . Low cost cheapest universities,low tution fees ,Study cheap in ukraine at a very reasonable cost. Study Mbbs in ukraine is the cheapest […]

Tuition fees of Medical course (MD /MBBS ) in English language: Fees of First year:  $4000 / year Fees of 2nd year: $4000 / year Fees of 3rd year: $4800 / year Fees of 4th year: $4800 / year Fees of 5th year: $4800 / year Fees of 6th year: $4800 / year   Duration: 6 years Total fees for 6 years:  $27000 Accommodation fees […]

Poltava National Technical University was Founded in: 1930 Address: Pershotravnevyi Ave, 24, Poltava, Poltavs’ka oblast, 36000 Ukraine Tuition fees for Preparatory course:  $1500 / year   ( duration of course: upto 1 year ) Tuition fees:  $2400 / year      ( same for all courses both inUkrainian and English Medium and also both at bachelors and masters level […]

LEARNING CURRICULUM MedicalFaculty First Course: amount of academic weeks – 40 Subjects Amount of hours % Self-reliant study Credits ECTS Total  hours amount Amount of Academic Hours Lectures Seminars Tutorials Self-reliant study 1 BasicUkrainian Language 6 180 90 0 90 90 2 Latin Language and Medical Terminology 4 120 70 0 70 50 3 Ukrainian […]

    Ukraine The second-largest state in Europe by geographical size, Ukraine is located in beautiful Eastern Europe and is home to a rich culture that attracts students and travelers from around the globe. The country is actually relatively new, only being recognized in 1991 as an independent nation. However, that doesn’t mean the country […]

TheUkrainian government makes sure that aUkrainian Medical University will be able to offer as much free education as it can and has proved to be highly successful because of the high literacy rate in the country. The libraries tend to give out free books to students pursuing higher education in Ukraine. Consequently, there is nothing […]

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