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Advantages of Study in Ukraine

The education system of Ukraine has evolved for approximately 400 years now, with the first institute for higher education being inaugurated way back in the 16th century. The nation has never looked back since.

Welcome to Ukraine for Studies

Welcome to Ukraine for Studies

Ukraine has always been the home of intellectuals and during the cold war era, it was the hub of scientific research and development.


  1. This infrastructure development by the erstwhile Soviet Union and the current government has ushered Ukraine into the league of one of the favorite destinations of corporate and students alike. The standards of education have always been impeccable. Therefore, scientific community, research organizations as well as businesses in and outside the country source their best researchers/employees from Ukraine.


  1. The degrees offered at graduate and post graduate level are recognized by institutions around the world. The education norms in Ukraine are in confirmation with those laid out by organizations like WHO, UNESCO etc.  The Doctorate degree is equivalent to the Ph.D. in theUnited States.


  1. One of the biggest benefits of studying in Ukraineis that the country offers world class education at a cost that is remarkably less than those of its other European peers.Ukraine is exceedingly affordable in terms of living and studying.


  1. The country has a cultural influence that is a blend of Polish, Russian and the native culture. After gaining autonomy in 1990, the country’s economy was severely hit but it went on a fast track towards developing a market economy. Currently it is tipped to becoming one of the biggest economies in Europe.Ukraine has come long way from what it was at the time of achieving independence from the erstwhile U.S.S.R.


  1. English has gained prominence and many colleges and universities have courses available in English now. Therefore the foreign students do not face any trouble imbibing the study abroad course content. With one of the oldest system of higher education established in the country, the teaching methodology matches the world standards.


  1. Students can also get part time jobs easily and start earning even while studying. Summer jobs are also offered by universities and colleges both in Ukraine and abroad. The government has gone ahead and offered 50% discount on transportation for students to give an impetus to the higher education. With one of the nest transport networks in Europe, Ukraine offers a reliable schooling system.


  1. There is a provision for permanent settlement in the country after graduation for all those who wish to make this beautiful country their home. Another factor that makes it an ideal destination for studies is the temperate climate that prevails all the year round. This ensures that students do not have to face harsh summers or winters and anyone from anywhere can adjust well here.


The benefits of studying in Ukraine are immense, myriad and many more.

Study in Ukraine

Advantages of Study in Ukraine

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Education in Ukraine

Education is the key of success

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Education in Ukraine

Education is the key of success

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