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Admiral Makarov University of Shipbuilding

Admiral Makarov University of Shipbuilding (NUS)

City: NikolaevAdmiral Makarov University of Shipbuilding

Established in 1920

Status: State

Accreditation level: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, telecommuting

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and also scientists – candidates (PhD) and doctors of sciences.
More than 12000 students

7 Departments

More than 300 teaching staff, among them 68 doctors of sciences, professors, 256 candidates of science

The university has formed and successfully operates infrastructure of planning and research, which is based on : scientific -and – expert University senat, scientifically – technical council on the directions of researches , 15 academic schools , in particular, “Investigation of seaworthiness and designing of new types of ships ,” ” Preparation and combustion of fuels “,” Soldering and welding pressure in a vacuum “,” Air conditioning and refrigeration , “” perspective energy technologies “,”gas – thermal coatings . “

7 laboratories and 6 research and development centers are known in Ukraine and abroad , including centers of metrological certification of polymetric systems , underwater technology , energy and environmental security .

The University has 5 academic buildings, including a restored campus in the green zone of the peninsula between the rivers Inhul and Southern Bug , two fitness center , two dormitories and two houses with all the conditions for learning, doing exercises, raise the cultural level , scientific and intellectual development , recreation and personal hobbies.

Nikolaev University of Shipbuilding (NUS)


The shipbuilding Institute
The Ship Structural Mechanics Department
The Fluid Mechanics Department
The Hull Construction Department
The Maritime Technologies Department
The Ship Theory and Design
The Shipbuilding Technology Department
The Institute of computer, engineering and technological sciences
The Technological Faculty
The Welding Engineering Department
The Department of Design and Production of Products made of Composite Materials
The Materials Science and Technology Department
The Faculty of Computer Science
The Department of Software for Automation System
The Project Management Department
The Information Management Systems and Technologies

The Power Engineering Faculty
The Conditioning and Refrigerating Department
The Marine and Stationary Power Plants Department
The Technical Thermal Physics and Steam-Generating Units Department
The Turbine Department
The Mechanics and Ecology Faculty
The Internal Combustion Engines Department
The Ecology Department
The Marine Mechanical Engineering Technology Department
The Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering Department

The Computer-aided Control Systems Department
The Ship Electrical Equipment and Information Security Department
The Electrical Power Systems Department
The Automatic Control Engineering Department
The Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Electronic Systems Department
The Impulse Processes and Technologies Department
The Marine Instrument Engineering Department

The Department of Theory and History of the State and Law
The Law Department
The Applied Linguistics Department
The Department of Social Studies and Humanities
The Modern Languages Department
The Design Department
The Olympic and Professional Sports Theory Department
The Physical Training and Sport Department

The Faculty of Mobile Technologies
The Theoretical Mechanics Department
The Engineering Graphics Department
The Life Safety and Civil Defense Department
The Faculty of Natural Sciences
The Higher Mathematics Department
The Physics Department
The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

The Engineering and Economic Faculty
The Preparatory Faculty

Kyiv Educational and Consulting Centre
Tockmak Educational and Consulting Centre
Yuzhnoukrainsk Distant Learning Centre
Pervomaisk Polytechnic Institute
Feodosia Polytechnic Institute

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies
Teaching and research center for international cooperation

Foreign students at the NUS

International cooperation of the National University of Shipbuilding focused on the integration of the University in the global educational activities for the purpose of expansion of international relations and initiation of joint research, teaching and educational projects , and it is one of the strategic priorities of the University in the XXI century .

For the purpose of effective implementation of the international cooperation in scientific and technical, educational and cultural spheres it is created the Educational Scientific Center of the International Cooperation (ESCIC) at the National university of shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov.

The university supports long-term effective cooperation with universities, research establishments and the industrial enterprises in the United States, Great Britain , Germany, Norway , China, Poland , Romania, Turkey , Bulgaria, Iran, Spain , Vietnam, and the CIS countries. The important direction of the international activity of National university of shipbuilding is participation of teachers, employees, graduate students and students of university in competitions for receiving grants or grants of the international organizations and funds, such, as the German Service of the Academic Exchanges (DAAD), Alexander von Humboldt’s  Fund (Germany), the Program of the academic exchanges named after Fulbrayt, Council for the international researches and exchanges of IREX (USA), “Education for Democracy” Fund(Poland), etc.

The National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov trained citizens of the United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany , China , the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , Iran, Pakistan , Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon , Libya, India, Saudi Arabia , Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon , Guinea, Kenya and CIS countries – Russia , Belarus, Turkmenistan, Georgia , Kazakhstan, Moldova . In our university created all the conditions not only for training but also for meaningful leisure time , the development of natural talents and abilities of foreign students . On the territory of all the university buildings operates Wi-Fi and specialized computer classes . The number of foreign citizens wishing to study in our university , is constantly increasing from year to year.

The institute of international cooperation includes:

Preparation Faculty for foreign students:

The preparatory Department was created in 1991 due to the significant increase in the number of foreign students.
Faculty includes preparatory courses, courses in different subjects and duration of training and specialized courses and schools in different parts of Mykolaiv region.

Courses is provided by high quality teachers , including 5 Honoured Teachers of Ukraine and 19 teachers of the highest category ,additionally attracted leading specialists of the University – Professors, Associate Professors, PhD.

On the preparatory faculty foreign citizens study the Russian orUkrainian language in the first semester, and disciplines which necessary for the receipt on the first course of the university in the second semester. Department of Scientific and Technical Cooperation is engaged in providing collaboration among university with international scientific, technical and educational organizations, supports international projects, researches, exchange of scientists and specialists.Newsroom engaged in the organizational support of the educational process of the reception of foreign delegations and individual citizens, provides information support of the measures that relate to international activities.

Structure of the University

Shipbuilding institute
Institute of computer, engineering and technological sciences
Machine-building institute
Automatic equipment and electrical equipment institute
Humanitarian institute
Institute of the correspondence and remote education
Pervomaysk polytechnical institute
Feodosiysk polytechnical institute
Institute of postgraduate education
Institute of ship engineering

Shipbuilding institute

A shipbuilding institute trains specialists not only for shipbuilding, but also for allied branches of industry.
Specialties of preparation faculty:
Ships and oceantechniques
Marine technologies and oceantechniques
Yachting and small ships.
Computer-controlled planning of marine transport.
Technology of shipbuilding, organization and operations management.
International information in marine activities.
Institute of computers and engineer-technological sciences
This department trains highly qualified specialists in sphere of computers technologies for different industries, financial and administrative areas of scientific researches and education.

Engineering material science
Computers sciences
Automated systems software
Specific categories: Projects management.
Machinebuilding institute

The institute trains specialists of planning, production and exploitation of ship equipment.



· Ships power plants.
· Turbines.
· Heat-and-power engineering  .
· Refrigeration machines and options.

Machinery :

· Combustion engines.
· Technology of Machinery.

· Ecology and environment protection.

Institute of automation and electrical engineering


Electrical engineering:

· Technique and electrophysics of high tensions

Electronic systems

Electronic mechanics:
· Electric systems and complexes of transports vehicles
· Electronic mechanics systems of automation and electric drives

Humanitarian institute

Law:  Jurisprudence
Philology: Applied linguistics
Art Design
Physical education and sport: Olympic and professional sport

Engineering and economical faculty
On engineering and economical faculty our students study a fundamental courses: economic theory, marketing , microeconomics and macroeconomics, equities, financing, exchange activity informative systems and technologies, and other market sciences.

Economy and enterprise:
· Economy of enterprise
· Accounting and audit
· Financial Management:
· Management of organizations

For studying in the university foreign students have to graduate preparatory department. Teaching on the preparatory department is carrying out for 10 months. In the end of the course foreign citizens pass an exam and on its results get the certificate with a right to enter any University of Ukraine.

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