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  • Helping students to improve their life through migration services to Ukraine.
  • Advancing the quality of the young generation through Study in Ukraine.
  • Helping students to get into theUkrainian job market through an internship program.

We offer advice on choosing the right University for your career aspiration, and the right education institution in accordance with your needs. Together with our industry contacts, we can help you “kick start” your career by putting you in the  internship program. For those interested in migrating to Ukraine, permanently or temporarily, Study in Ukraine Consultancy can help by choosing the right visa, preparing the documentation, and guiding yourvisa application through. Our friendly, professional and licensed immigration and study consultants  always strive to provide the best solutions for our clients to realize their full potential.

Study in Ukraine

Study in UKRAINE

Study in Ukraine is a useful and enjoyable pursuit, and in the end you will have a qualification that is recognized throughout the world.

Top 5 Reasons to Study in UKRAINE

Ukraine is one of the best place for foreign students and offers several advantages, including world-class education system and internationally recognized qualifications. Ukraine is also diverse, multicultural place with many different types of universities and educational institutions to offer, so there should be something to suit students from all backgrounds and ages. Here are just three of the main reasons why you should consider studying in Ukraine:

  1. High ranking universities – Ukraine has some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and if you want to become a leading figure in your area, it’s a great place to further their education.
  2. Quality Education – Ukrainian Education is not only recognized worldwide but also renowned for quality, high standards and excellent education around the world.
  3. Low Tuition and Living Costs – The costs of tuition and living costs are lower than any other EU countries. So it is great for expenses like accommodation, living, entertainment & travel.
  4. Academic freedom – UKRAINE universities have an excellent reputation for academic freedom, and encourage students to enter into a learning process that creates a responsive environment that encourages different ways of learning.
  5. Top campuses – universities and colleges campus has some of the best sporting and recreational facilities in the world, and it gives you many opportunities to relax and enjoy your free time.
Dream Education in Ukraine

Dream Education in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine Costs

Excellent education system for Study in Ukraine and this combined with the high standards of living makes it an ideal place for international students to further study. For study in Europe, Ukraine is ideal place due to low tuition fees, affordable accommodation and low living expenses which are excellent value for students.

The Tuition fees ranges from $1500 – $5500 / year depends on course, language of instruction and University, Accommodation fees ranges from $200 – $500 /year depends on hostel facilities and the average student spends only $ 70 – $ 100 / month for living, transport , food and cosmetics (based on comfortable life in Ukraine).Foreign students have to pay tuition fees after their in arrival in Ukraine, or after getting visa, and you will need to contact us for university or college costs and how to pay, and depending on the type of course you do, these fees may include other costs such as equipment, books, etc, as well as membership of a sports facility.

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Study in Ukraine official site of Ukraine Universities
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 by Richard
MBBS in Ukraine

today i just received my admission package for studying MBBS in Ukraine. thanks

 by Mark
Study in ukraine

Reliable site for getting admission in ukraine universities.

 by vijay
education in ukraine

my daughter arrived in ukraine and joined classes of medical course. she is very happy with education in ukraine.

 by Vikram

Glad to get transfer to 5th year Medical Course with your great service for transfer students from other countries.

 by beddiaf fateh

good luck for everyone

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Good information

I am planning to come to Ukraine soon

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Education in Ukraine

Education is the key of success

 by alraziuni on StudyinUkraine.EU
Sumy State University

Very happy to get your help in admission process.

 by Zekarias on Study in Ukraine Scholarships

Interested in scholarship for epidimology course

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Possibility for chance

I hope get a chance to Study in Ukraine 

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