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Study in Ukraine Testimonials

Me and my friend received admission package with invitation letter today. i would like to ask, can we rent an apartment in kiev instead of living in University hostel.

yes, students can live in rented apartment.

I am from india and want you to thanks for getting me admission in Post graduate Gynaecology course.

by syed babar shah on

Dear Sir/MadamMy name babar form Pakistan i need information about cpl

please send us email or contact us from site, so we can reply you better

by Nadia Ali on
got Admission in MBBS

got Admission in MBBS and now studying in first year.

Recommended for all medical students

by Alina on
admission in nursing course

I am one of your student studying medical course in UkraineOne of my friend wants to get admission in nursing course at bachelors level, all required documents and admission fees slip is sent to your email. waiting for your reply.

dear student, we already replied your email and admission package including invitation letter will be send to your friend soon through DHL and tracking will be emailed to your friend.

by david on
studying MBBS in Ukraine

me and my sister are studying medicine in Ukraine. We like standard of education in Ukraine and living conditions are very good for students from african countries.

post grasuate study (radiologg medical dignosis)residensy

Dear my friendsI am a medical physician that graduated from shiraz medical university at 1998 and i haive been at service as family physician in social security organisation continueal as offical personell.I would like to continue study in radiology medical diagnosis as residenty coursewould you pleasw advise meHashem Ghane (MD)

Please apply online and send scan copies of your documents including your medical degree and letter from hospital where you are currently working.

by Isaac Owusu on
Helped me in choosing right course

helped me in choosing right course in Poltava national Technical Unviversity

by Rajesh on
got admission in PhD 2017

i would like to thank you for Guarantee admission and visa services, which enabled me to come to Ukraine for my PhD studies.

Study General Medicine

I am now studying medicine course in Ukraine, its all due to your help.

Today i have got visit visa of Ukraine to visit my son who is studying medical course in Kharkov.

I am thankful for you help.

by Iqbal on
got Student visa in 10 days

I got admission and received admission package including invitation letter within 7 days. After that applied for visa immediately and quite surprised to get my student visa in 10 days. Now i am in Ukraine and very happily doing my studies.

by Ranveer on
MD/ MBBS degree in Ukraine

i got admission in 2012 in Kiev medical university in Ukraine through and assisted me in getting visa.

Now this is my final year studying medicine in Ukraine and hopefully get my degree this year. which will enable me to work as a doctor.

Recommend this site everyone who want to study in Ukraine and needs reliable service of admission and visa especially.

by Adejugbe gbenga on
Ukraine Study Visa

you made my dream possible by help me to get Ukraine Study Visa.

by Gina Burgess on

I got visit invitation letter and visited my daughter few days before who is studying in Ukraine and quite satisfied, as Ukrainian education standard is very good and hostels for students are fully furnished, attached kitchen and bathroom.

I am also sending my younger son this year to Ukraine for his studies in Dental course.

Glad to get transfer to 5th year Medical Course with your great service for transfer students from other countries.

by Peter on
good visa support

i am very grateful for help in my admission and especially in visa process, so i got my study visa in few days.

by Michael on ukraine study visa
Studying in Ukraine

my friends studying in Ukraine recommended me your site for admission. With your help i got my admission and also secured my student visa easily which proves you are really professional.

As getting visa from Nigeria is very difficult but you make this easy for Nigerian students.


by ahmed on


by Brian Mwanza on ukraine study visa
guarantee student visa

i applied for visa but embassy was not issuing me visa.

I asked for student visa help from and then i got visa in 6 days.

money charged for guarantee visa was also affordable.

by Daniel Iheanach on

You did great job by help ing me to get my Student visa for study in Ukraine.

by Razaq Malik on Study MBBS in Ukraine
Study in ukraine mbbs

Now i am doing MBBS in Kharkiv medical university. i really appreciate your help for me in getting admission.

by Abu Bakar on ukraine study visa

i liked the way you helped me getting visa for coming to Ukraine.

I paid alot of money to agents but none of them was able to help me securing my visa.

But you really helped me to get my visa.

MBBS Course

thanks for getting me admission in university.

by Esam El gharaba on
Secured my visa

Recommend your guarantee visa service to all students.

by philipa on
Phd course

i got my visa few days before and soon will be in Ukraine for my Phd course. thanks for everything you have done

by Richard Boafo on

What is the fist year fees for MPHIL in finance.

tuition fees varies for different universities. so please send us email for exact information.

Also after you apply on line on our site, detailed information will be send to you in reply.

get my student visa in Ukraine embassy

I managed to get my student visa in Ukraine embassy. i want to ask if i could send tuition fees of university by bank transfer rather than bringing cash with myself while coming to Ukraine.

yes, you can make payment of tuition fees though bank transfer before coming to Ukraine.

got my student visa of Ukraine

SIr, i have got my student visa of Ukraine and after 10 days i will arrive in Ukraine, so please receive me on airport. I have sent you details of my flight.

by Barbara Kusi on

Hi, want to study in your institution

by Joshua Asamoah on ukraine study visa
got my Student Visa

i am very happy to get my Ukraine visa with your help and my flight to ukraine is after 6 days. i sent you details of my air ticket, so please receive me on the airport.

good luck for everyone

by Pariya on
got my Student visa

grateful for your service to get my Student Visa in few days.

by mohamed ahmed nor on
high level

i m gratefully appreciated ukranians how good they are helping people and i would like to get this scholership.

I have applied for my student visa in Ukraine embassy and will inform you soon after get my visa.

by amare chanie on

I am dreaming to study in Ukraine due to academic excellence, the problem is how to acquire free scholarship I have attached my copies of certificates for easy references

Admission in Medical University

I am happy to get admission in Medical University to Study in Ukraine.

by akinyemi kabiru on
Grateful for quick Admission

I am grateful for quick admission but scholarship which i am selected after admission really made by dream come true for studying in Ukraine( Europe)

received invitation letter for study

I am very happy and satisfied with your services after getting admission/ invitation letter for study.

received study invitation letter

i have received my admission package today with study invitation letter. Soon i will apply my study visa and will inform you after getting my visa.

Study invitation

Today i received my admission package in DHL office and very happy to see my study invitation.

my study invitation letter is expired

Hello,i got my visa but didn't come to Ukraine in time due to some family issues. Now my invitation letter is expired but my visa is still valid. Please i need your help for coming to Ukraine.

please send us scan copy of your visa and invitation letter number on our email address. So we will help you to extend your invitation letter without any extra charge. so you will be able to come to Ukraine with any issue.

got admission in Medical university

helped me choosing medical university which suits me and now i already got admission and invitation.i applied for Ukrainian student visa 2 weeks before and am very happy to tell that today embassy has issued me a visa.

glad to hear that you have got visa, so please send scan copy of your visa and air ticket.
Our staff member will receive you on airport.

We are here to help students in getting admission, student visa and also assist students during their studies in Ukraine.

by Emanual on
admission requirements are very easy

got admission in MBA, as admission requirements are very easy and my student visa is also issued without any problem.

you are doing great job in helping students from developing countries. It was extremely difficult for me to get admission and visa without your help. Thanks

by Haruna on


by Kazaroho Jean Bosco on ukraine study visa

I would like o apply for studies in Ukraine.1.Due to financial constraints,Is it possible to pay tuition fee by installments?2.For country where there is no Ukrainian consular, how visa application is facilitated?Regards,

1.Fees can be paid in 2 instalments.
2. if your country don't have Ukrainian embassy, such students can visa from Ukrainian embassy in their neighbouring country.

by adekunle farinade on

want to know least details fees and charges for master programme.

In Russian / Ukrainian language fees for Masters course start from $2000 and in English Language fees for Masters courses starts from $2300 / year

by Oyaje Michael Ngbede on

I, Oyaje Michael Ngbede, Student of Offshore Technology Institute,pursuing a Masters degree in Subsea Engineering. I would like to makebest use of my time to get some good work experience which would helpme in shaping my Academy and career.I am attaching my significant documents that you may require toconsider my application. Your organization as everyone knows givesstarters the platform to open their minds and experiment with newtechnology and projects and create something out of box.I will be very indebted if you could consider me for any position youfeel it matches my educational qualification as an internshipapplicant.I am a motivated person and believe in sincere hard work, teamwork andfollowing deadlines. I would be grateful if you give me a chance towork in your company.A prompt reply would be very much appreciated.Thank You,Yours faithfully,Oyaje Michael

by Lewis Mkweta on
Application for Admission

Review application for admission outcome

by behzad on

I have filled a form in order to transfer program. Now i need to be informed about reguirment. Thanks

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Full Name:
Abubakar Buba zarami
Your Comment:
This web side is the one that really touches the heart of individuals that always wants to develop a powerful advantage in there lives, more especially in the field of finance as I now looking at.


Full Name:
Frans Abraham
information technology
Your Comment:
I’am Frans Abraham and I want to go study IT at University of Ukreine,, I find this university of excellence and I do see my success in this university..


Full Name:
emmanuel laryea
computer science
Your Comment:
with this i will get more exposure,meet new people and also learn new things.i recomend this website to any who really wants to learn


Full Name: Mohamed Ishfaq Hussein

Country: Pakistan
Course: MBA
Your Comment: I am writing these few lines to say thank you for your prompt attention and most excellent speedy service. I shall not hesitate to recommend, because I have received the full information about studying in Ukraine this was my most needed information ”Thank you for the service I received – really and truly, this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with any organization and you have  have been remarkable throughout.  I am definitely sure this help/Guide and Excellent Customer Service would not be possible without Miss Cristina.  My sincere thanks again, all the best.”


Country: Nigeria
Course: Medicine (MD)
Your Comment: Hello, my name is FODAY CONTEH and I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I ‘am a first year freshmen student attending the University. An online technician Miss Julia has helped me by preparing documents, Transfer of funds, and online support. Rest assured Miss Julia could assist you throughout the entire preparations. I strongly encourage you to visit this website, if you are interested in Studying in Ukraine. Trust me you’re missing something you might just regret.


Full Name: Sadaqat Rehman
Country:  Saudi Arabia
Course:  aeronautical engineering
Your Comment: I suggest you this site because it is very cheap website to take admission in any university so altogether we can say that Miss Cristina is doing good job and this is the best site to which we can trust and can take help of them and Miss Linda will do your work with full attention so this is the site to which we can trust to take admission in Ukraine i am also going to take admission in wrong university but she guided me on every step and show me my bright future.

Full Name: Jedidiah Melaku 
Country: Tanzania
Course: Aerospace Engineering
Your Comment: My name is jedy, and I am a student studying Aerospace Engineering here in Ukraine, well before I came to Ukraine visited this website, and i finally end up meeting a lovely and humors girl named Miss Julia, who helped through all the admission process from the start to the end, with full transparency and speed, she helped me gain admission to one of the best aeronautic schools in Ukraine. So I encourage you guys to check this website out, because it worth it.

Full Name: Adejugbe Gbenga
Country:  Ghana
Course: Ukrainian language
Your Comment: I highly recommend this web site because it let me in a short time for my school found, hope everybody can come to Ukraine to study.  I can say that customer service is the best I have ever experienced. The live help was really help full whenever I need any information urgently.

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Testimonials for Study in Ukraine


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