Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission and Invitation letter of Ukraine:

  • Online Application: (Apply now )
  • For Preparatory Course:  Minimum 10 year education required.
  • For Bachelors: Certificate of Higher Secondary School / GED / WAEC / 12 year education equivalent certificate is required.
  • For Masters: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent is required.
  • For Specialization and PhD: Masters Degree or Equivalent is required.
  • Copy of International Passport (with visible Name, date of birth & passport validity, Photo)

Invitation letters are issued from start of May every year until first week of November and for 2nd semester until 15th of December. It takes from 3- 2 days normally to process the admission documents with the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine.  (Note: The official time to process these documents with Ministry of Education is upto 30 days)

Requirements for admission

Additional Requirements: (only for some universities)

Once this attention form is completed, you will have to prepare the following documents to be submitted along with it:

The Transcripts from class 10th and 12th should be attested by the respective heads of institutions.

  1. The certified copies of mark sheets of graduation along with provisional certificates must be sealed in an envelope along with seal and signature on the flap as well.
  2. This must be accompanied by a Statement of Purpose which depicts in one page career goals, education objectives along with the reason for choosing the particular program in the country. It should be able to depict your purpose in academics as well as personal life.
  3. You should obtain Recommendation letters from the teachers/professors of your college at graduate level, and these items should be on the institutions’ or personal letterhead along with signature and seal, both on the envelope and the letter.
  4. One must also attach the current Bank Statement as a proof of availability of funds that are necessary to further your education and living expenses. These amounts are prescribed by universities during the application time. The bank statements should depict the amount in the Savings account tab only. This should be accompanied by a letterhead from the bank which states accurately the amount of funds available in the bank account, both in your native currency as well as in Hryvnia(UAH).  Both the letter and the envelope must have the manager’s seal and signature.
  5. In certain cases, the universities need an Affidavit of Support (Letter of Undertaking) from the financer who has sponsored your education. This needs to be created in a prescribed format, as mentioned by the institute.
  6.  The admission fee and the Casing letter conclude the checklist. The casing letter contains all information that clarifies any gaps and/or offers explanation for any short giving explaining the situation in advance.

Always confirm your application preparation against the university checklist to ensure you have not missed any special requirement, in case there is one.


If you are planning to study abroad in Ukraine, then you should have decided where to apply much before you initiate the application process.

Study in Ukraine Admission Application Process

Once decided, initiate the formalities at least 2 to 3 months before the first deadline of the university that you are applying for. This is done by filling up what is called the Apply online form. This form is available on our website. Alternatively, you can write to us early, indicating the semester that you seek the admission in. Apply online from the internet is much more fast and convenient.


Before you fill the application form up, it is advised to make several photocopies so that you can avoid any mistakes. First fill the photocopies to your satisfaction, ensuring no information is left out or entered incorrectly. Once a final draft is created, all that you have to do is to copy the information in the original form, rest assured that there are no mistakes whatsoever.

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