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Our Services for Study in Ukraine

All those who are planning to study abroad in Ukraine will find our services beneficial in every aspect. We offer consistent support throughout the study tenure of the student, starting right from the point in assisting in fill the application form. We take care of the travel itinerary, admissions, accommodations and all queries related to studying in Ukraine. Our assistance domain is meant for students and parents alike. The services can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Admission related
  2. Visa related
  3. Accommodation Related
  4. Courier Services
  5. Air Port Pickup Services (3 options available)
  6. For Parents
  7. Legal Assistance  (Translation and Legalization of documents)


Admission Services for Study in Ukraine

Admission Services for Study in Ukraine

Admission Services

The Admission related assistance starts from the time you have started to consider studying in this beautiful country Ukraine. We offer complete consultation for all your questions to help you make up your mind.

  •                      Consultation about admission
  •                      Guarantee admission inUkrainian University
  •                      Admission letter from University
  •                      Invitation letter for study in Ukraine

Visa Services

Visa Services

Visa Services

We also arrange for the invitation letters from the universities of your choice so that you do not have any migration related issues. This invitation letters are coupled with the admission letters from the universities. We also send letters to the embassy to help you obtain the visa with ease.
  • Visa Support Letter to embassy of Ukraine in your Country through Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.



  • Confirmation letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.



Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services for study in ukraine

Accommodation Services

 Once you arrive, we pick you up from the airport after helping you clear the immigration process of the country. All the arrangements of your stay in the university hostel are made and we drop you off to your residence when you arrive. Universities require ids and we make sure you do not have to worry about them. As soon as you enter the premises, you get your Student Id, Hostel Id Card and International Student Id card. Bank Account and Medical Insurance is also arranged. Our visa support assistance is available throughout your tenure in the country.

  •                     Guarantee hostel Accommodation for all international students
  •                     Rented Apartments Accommodation option is also available

Courier Services

Courier Services

Courier Services

We send invitation letter through following courier services and takes 3-5 days for delivery. Tracking number is also available to track letter online.


  •                     EMS


  •                     Fedex


  •                     DHL
Air Port Pickup Services for study in Ukraine

Air Port Pickup Services

Air Port Pickup Services

We offer Airport Pickup Services to all Students and for this service students have to inform us atleast 3 days before their arrival, so we can make arrangements for their Airport Pick.

  •                    Receive students on Airport
  •                    Help Students in clearing Immigration Authorities
  •                    Transfer students to University hostel
Services For Parents

Legal Services for Study in Ukraine

For Parents

For parents, we offer all similar services which include reservation and accommodation along with pickup and delivery. We also offer daily translation assistance which is also available for certain students. We make sure there are no issues in obtaining a visa because we obtain and send visit invitations to you which allow you to get the visa.

  •                     Invitation letter for visit to Ukraine
  •                     Arrangements of stay in Hotel / Apartment
  •                     Travel  Insurance and Medical Insurance for your stay in Ukraine.
  •                     Information about student performance / activity on request
Legal Services for Study in Ukraine

Legal Services for Study in Ukraine

Legal & other Assistance

In case you have any questions on legal matters like education document equivalence in the country, we offer complete support and guidance. The culture and the rules of Ukraine are different from the other countries and therefore one needs a basic orientation on the culture and as well as protocols for the country. When you arrive in the country, we ensure that there is an orientation program to help you get to know the new environment and we make sure that you are aware of all the special rules and requirements of the country. This assistance, like the others, is available throughout the tenure of the student.

  •                     Translation of documents intoUkrainian/Russian Languages
  •                     Registration of students in Local immigration Authorities (Avir)
  •                    Ukrainian Medical Insurance (free treatment and medicines in whole Ukraine)
  •                     Helping in openingUkrainian Bank Account.
  •                     International Student card (50% discount on local transport )
  •                     Discount Card for Supermarkets (for daily food and usage stuff)
  •                     Legalization of documents from Notary Public and Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ukraine
  •                     Support in Legal matters
  •                     Equivalence documents for your country

We endeavor to offer the most comfortable stay for all students and parents alike. To ensure that this objective is achieved, we are available for you anytime you need us.

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 4 reviews
 by Gina Burgess

I got visit invitation letter and visited my daughter few days before who is studying in Ukraine and quite satisfied, asUkrainian education standard is very good and hostels for students are fully furnished, attached kitchen and bathroom.

I am also sending my younger son this year to Ukraine for his studies in Dental course.

 by Richard Boafo

What is the fist year fees for MPHIL in finance.

tuition fees varies for different universities. so please send us email for exact information.Also after you apply on line on our site, detailed information will be send to you in reply.

 by Chukwu Michael

I really appreciate your service for parents. I got invitation letter from with 10 days and visited my daughter who is studying in Medicine in Ukraine.

 by aseel

I want to study Medicine in Ukraine

yes, you can study medicine in Ukraine. For that you need to apply online for admission and we will reply you back with all details to proceed with admission.


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Apr 07, 2016
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very little chances for international students to get scholarship in ukraine but international students can apply for scholarships on site:

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 by alraziuni on
Good information

I am planning to come to Ukraine soon

 by Alpha Ibrahim Turay on
Education in Ukraine

Education is the key of success

 by alraziuni on StudyinUkraine.EU
Sumy State University

Very happy to get your help in admission process.

 by Zekarias on Study in Ukraine Scholarships

Interested in scholarship for epidimology course

 by Al Rosin Chowdhury on StudyinUkraine.EU
Possibility for chance

I hope get a chance to Study in Ukraine 

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