Increase in Migration

Increase in Migration Over the Last Few Years

Ukraine has emerged on the map in the last decade as one of the states which promises to become an economic power in Europe in times to come. This small country which has the 8th largest tourism industry in Europe has much more to it than just that. It is a hub of education and heavy industries, and of late, IT and IT enabled service.

Ukraine received independence from the erstwhile Soviet Unionin 1990 and suffered from a huge economical downturn immediately afterwards. The new government put efforts in full swing to bring the economy back on track and after 2 decades, the country is poised to be what China has recently become in Asia. While under the Soviet rule, Ukrainewas the hub of heavy industries and technological result. The country has some of the best and the oldest universities for higher education. The market economy is growing and the foreign direct investment is increasing. The nation lies in the temperate zone and has vast natural resources which have been preserved. All this offers the nation its pristine beauty and a perfect source of livelihood. No wonder it has become a new hub of higher studies and economic activity in East Europe.

Increase in Migration to Ukraine

Increase in Migration to Ukraine

What has changed?

As Ukraineopens up to multinationals in the country, the job opportunities also open up and more people can now lead a life with good living standards. This is true for all those students also who move to Ukraine for higher studies. The country is host to thousands of students from other countries every year who have the opportunity to get into research and development, which is at par with the PhD. in theUnited States. Such individuals are sought for everywhere in the globe and the newly developed market economy offers them the opportunity to migrate toUkraine on a permanent basis. One can continue as a researcher in universities or get into employment with consulting giants and perform research oriented tasks for them.

The natural beauty and the ambient climate of the country is also attracting individuals in search of a comfortable home in the country. The emerging economy offers them ample opportunities for sustenance and leads a calm life.

The migration can be short term or long term depending on the necessity for migration. If a student wishes to do a course in the country for a few months to a few years, then the migration is considered to be short term. On the other hand if one wants to work in the country or stay there for more than a few years, the migration is considered to be a long term movement. The visa or residential status thus obtained depends on the need to migrate and is subject to review by the embassy of the country.

job opportunities In Ukraine

job opportunities In Ukraine

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