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Emerging Opportunities

Emerging Opportunities in Ukraine to increase Migration


Opportunities in Ukraine to increase Migration

After independence and since its bounce-back, Ukraine has proven to be an economy that has huge prospects of future success. However, the country had a huge slowdown after its independence in 1990 and though has recuperated considerably and transformed itself into a market based economy in a matter of 2 decades; there are still a few issues to be dealt with. These “issues” can easily translate into livelihood opportunities and soon will become a core cause of migration.




Ukraine so Inviting for study and business?

Ukraine so Inviting for study and business?

What makes Ukraine so Inviting?

  1. The nation has been attracting attention of multinationals with its growing economy and high education standards. Companies stand to benefit because of the human resource available along with robust economy which helps them gain ground in this relatively new economic zone in Europe.
  1. The country has a large heavy industry base. This is a direct result of the ex- Soviet investment in the region for manufacturing and research. Therefore Ukraine is known for the manufacture of high quality technological goods and transport machinery.
  1. As it sheds its cloak of communist governance, Ukraine presents a huge opportunity for foreign direct investment. However, the vestiges of communism in the nation’s policy have deterred investors.
  1. But it has been noticed that over the last decade, rules have been changing and the policy makers are doing more to help foreign investors protect their investments in the country. As a result, the FDI is currently at its highest since independence.
  1. It is estimated that in about 5 years, the FDI figures will see a huge spike.
  1. The number of banks and insurance companies is already growing and the GDP projections look promising.
  1. This along with the need for English language experts presents a huge opportunity for jobs in the coming times. This gives a compelling reason for migration to Ukraine.
  1. Ukraine also is one of the largest energy consumers in Europe a huge share of which comes from the nuclear energy sources. The other energy requirements are met by import of oil and gas from Russia. With the growth in economy, the country’s need for energy is also increasing. The government is planning to build 11 new power reactors by 2030. This further enhances opportunities for engineers and technical experts in times to come and all those holding expertise in these fields can settle down easily in the country.
  1. As the nation would open up to more FDI, the job opportunities will automatically increase. These will span around creation, maintenance, upgrade and distribution of power. Renewable energy sources do not play an important role now but the growing energy needs will present more opportunities in renewable energy resource development and research.
  1. Of late, it has been seen that the IT and IT support services have increased immensely. More and more IT companies are coming up filling in the void created by the lack of job opportunities. IT support has emerged as one of the most promising platforms and it has exhibited considerable growth.

Study in Ukraine oppurtunities

The opportunity to thrive and good livelihood prospects make migration to this beautiful country a clear possibility.


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