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Migration to Ukraine

Nearly one out of four Ukrainian citizens born abroad and Ukraine continues to welcome people who will contribute to the future of the country and its people.

Diversity enriches considerably Ukraine, ethnic languages ??such as Russian, Italian, Polish, German, French and English are taught in all schools and many cultural festivals are celebrated throughout the country.

If you are thinking about migrating to Ukraine, or even to come on a temporary basis, then Study in Ukraine Consultancy is here to help you.

We ( provide a frank and free assessment of your needs and opportunities, and if you are eligible to apply for migration program, we will give you the best solution to achieve it.
We will walk you through the process of compiling the necessary documents, preparing presentation, to provide translation services to apply, and then follow it up before making a decision.

We keep in touch with Ukrainian Immigration Department, and any agencies in connection with your application.

In general, there are two types of visas, which allow someone to come to Ukraine;

Migration to Ukraine

Migration to Ukraine


Why Choose Migration to Ukraine?

For personal Ukrainian immigration Service and Advice:

We offer personal Ukrainian immigration Service and advice for people wanting to Migrate to Ukraine to live and work.

Migrating to Ukraine:

  • Relieves the stress associated with Migrating to Ukraine
  • Provides a comprehensive package of migration to Ukraine
  • Open, honest and frank advice about your prospects of migration
  • Offers free assessment of eligibility for skilled migration

We will provide you with the highest level of support for migration from the beginning of your application until you come to Ukraine.

What Next?

Explore our website for information on visa types and how we can help you move to Ukraine. You can contact us anytime for more information or to discuss a specific situation, we are always happy to help.
In order to Migrate to Ukraine, it is necessary to qualify for the visa. There are different types of visas available depending on your situation. If you are not sure which visa applies to you, look at section below.

Which kind of Visa for Me?

You have decided you want to migrate to Ukraine, but you’re not sure what a visa is better or even apply to you and your situation. Do not worry, we’ve created Visas page to help guide you in the right direction.
Visa Categories

  • Student Visas
  • Skilled Migration
  • Business Migration
  • Parent Migration
  • Partner Migration

Company Sponsorship

We also specializes in Ukrainian visa sponsorship of the employer.

Study / Business Visa Migration

Study / Business Visa Migration


Why do you want to migrate to Ukraine?

1.To Live & Work

If you want to Migrate to Ukraine to live and work, and you:

  • Are in the age of 45
  • Have recognized qualification
  • Have relevant work experience

You should look for Skilled Visa Migration.

Or you may want to consider finding an employer to sponsor you through the sponsorship of the company.

2.Create business 

You have to look at the Visa Business Migration …

3.To Join your Family

You may be able to Migrate to Ukraine, if you have a family who are citizens or permanent residents of Ukraine.

  • If your partner is living in Ukraine, consider partner Visa.
  • If you would like to join your children in Ukraine, consider Parent Visa.


4.Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is a wonderful place to live and study, offer a very high level of education, combined with the fantastic lifestyle.

If you:

  • Ready to enroll full-time registered course in Ukrainian University
  • Have financial capacity to cover tuition, accommodation, living expenses and travel to Ukraine

Your student visa may be guaranteed.

5.For Another Reason

This guide includes the most frequently used methods of migration to Ukraine. If you want to Migrate to Ukraine, but do not fit into any of the above categories, or you’re not sure, please contact us to discuss your situation, we will be glad to help.

student visa may be guaranteed

student visa may be guaranteed

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by Abdallah on

Hello , thank you all , i am Abdallah from Jordan
I wish to migrate to Ukraine
Could you help me please ?

Yes, we can help, simply fill out contact us form on our website from contact page with your migration inquiry and we will reply you back.

by agbo titus adakole on

hello,, i want to work and study in Ukraine, i have experience and im also skilled in sports , how do i go about it , thank you

by nwaneri joseph chika on

a great country with so many resources

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