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Education System

Education System of Ukraine

Ukraine is one of those rare nations which boast of almost complete literacy. The nation has a literacy rate above 99%. The government has made the first 11 years of education mandatory for all. Education is provided free both in state and communal education system on a competitive basis and as a result, the maximum number of students enrolls in these institutions. There are also private institutions for both secondary and higher education.

The education system of the country is divided into five parts:


  • Pre-school Education
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Higher Education
  • Post Graduate Education
Education System of Ukraine

Education System of Ukraine


Education Structure

The Primary and Secondary education comprise of middle and senior schooling. Middle school is class 5 to 9 and senior school is class 10 and 11. Higher and post graduate education is both private and state funded. The Bachelor’s degree is for 4 years education after Senior school and the Post Graduate Degree is for another 2 years after which. This education system was introduced in Ukraine via the Bologna Process. There are some universities which offer a 5 year specialist degree, however these are restricted to the ones of the Soviet era.

Higher Education of Ukraine

 The Post Graduate education continues after a student has earned a Master’s degree. This phase of education yields Kandidat Nauk(Candidate of Sciences) after clearing 3 qualifying exams. These include a field of specialty, a foreign language of choice and philosophy. Also the candidate should publish at least 3 articles, write and defend a dissertation. This is followed by Doctor Nauk (Doctor of Sciences) which is achieved by dissertation that makes an original contribution to a scientific discipline. This also should be followed by studies. The process can take anywhere between 2 and 4 years.

Higher Education in Ukraine

Higher Education in Ukraine


Grading system in Ukrainian Universities

There is a 5 point grading system in Ukrainian Universities, where:

5= Excellent


2= Unacceptable.

Universities score the students on a 0 to 100 scale and then transform the scores into the 5-point grading system. The scores are available in both the scales and are recorded accordingly. Accordingly, the 100 point scale is translated into the 5 point scale as follows:

91 to 100 is equivalent to 5

71 to 90 is equivalent to 4

51 to 70 is equivalent to 3

0 to 50 is equivalent to 2

Ukraine Education System Universities Ranking

Ukraine Education System Universities Ranking

World Ranking of Ukrainian Universities

According to the Ranking Web of World Universitiesthere are at least 137 universities in Ukraine that rank amongst the top 8000 universities in the world. There are more than 880 universities, colleges and technical schools to choose from. These colleges and universities offer courses in all disciplines. For exceptional students, the government funds the education.

While the education is extensive, the cost of studying in Ukraine is still lesser than those of the other universities in Europe. This is the reason that it is fast becoming a major hub of higher education.

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