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Opportunities Arising for English Language Coaches


Two Decades after its independence, Ukraine has come a long way from being a socialist republic. Its economy has evolved and successfully emerged as a formidable force in the East of Europe. More and more multinationals have started to set their bases up in the country and it has become a new hub of economic activity and study abroad programs.


As the country is shedding vestiges of the erstwhile Soviet dominance, there has arisen an urgent need for it to become more accessible to international businesses to will help its economy grow further.


Ukrainehas been known to be one of the pivotal centers of education in the region for more than 500 years. The country still bears the status and has got the one of the most promising education system in place. During the cold war era, Soviet Union used Ukraine to conduct research and development programs and the Antonov An 24 aircraft is a perfect example of this small nation’s caliber. This is the heaviest aircraft ever built. The infrastructure established then is still in place and in use.



Why The Inclination towards English?


There is only one drawback faced by this new promising land of opportunities. The nation’s official languages are Russian and Ukrainian; both of which are widely spoken in the country. This creates a language barrier and hence the nation cannot reach out to the world with its full potential. This is a fact that has been realized by the government, education institutions and businesses alike and hence more stress is being laid on learning the English Language.


Benefits of Inducting English


  • This presents itself as an immense career opportunity. InEurope and other countries, there are many students who have taken up language programs and are proficient in Russian and Ukrainian. Such individuals are now in great demand inUkraine with mainstream academic institutions gunning for foreign nationals proficient in both languages willing to work inUkraine. Though this trend slipped during the economic turndown during 2009, but the numbers have spiked again.


  • Education holds an immense value inUkraine and the graduates who have knowledge of English and Ukrainian/ Russian are now great in demand. International advertising is not possible for a lot of institutions which rely on the internet or local sources to help them find good candidates for teaching profiles. This trend will further open up newer opportunities for students studying inUkraine as the need for English proficient employees will grow in organizations.


So, if you are planning for or are into foreign studies and have Russian or Ukrainian as your subject, then you stand a good chance of getting employed in some of the most prestigious institutes in Ukraine, holding the position of a trainer who has to coach individuals on English language.

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